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[Source & Outline]
The Men of Goliad39


This story of the Men of Goliad, and accompanying roll, is the product of a study begun in 1922, much enlarged in scope in 1926, and continued since, which has included an examination of:

1. The Mss. collections in Archive Division, State Library, including:

(1) Memorials filed with Department of State;
(2) Comptroller's Military Service Records;
(3) Public Debt Papers;
(4) Pension Papers;
(5) Commission of Claims Papers;
(6) Spoliation Claims Papers.
I have also used the collections since printed in W. C. Binkley's The Official Correspondence of the Texan Revolution, 1885-1836. For the Mss. source material in the State Library, the gracious and indispensable assistance of Miss Harriet Smither, the Archivist, is most gratefully acknowledged.

2. Mss. collections in General Land Office, including:

(1) Bounty and Donation Register;
(2) Land Office Muster Rolls;
(3) Headright, Bounty, and Donation Files;
(4) Commission of Claims Files.
The necessarily slow and tedious examination of the Headright, Bounty, and Donation Files, without which no roll of Fannin's men could be made even approximately correct, was done by Honorable L. W. Kemp, who kindly supplied the writer with abstracts of those files, relating to Fannin's men.

3. Printed collections of source material for the Texas Revolution, including:

(1) Gammel's Laws of Texas, Volumes I-XVI;
(2) The Papers of Mirabeau B. Lamar, Volumes I-VI;
(3) Official Correspondence of Texan Revolution, (William C. Binkley, editor) Volumes I and II;
(4) The Austin Papers (Dr. Eugene C. Barker, editor), Volumes I-III (especially Volume III);
(5) Diplomatic Correspondence of the Republic of Texas (Dr. George P. Garrison, editor), Volume I;
(6) The Writings of Sam Houston (Drs. Eugene C. Barker and Amelia J. Williams, editors), Volume I;
(7) Texas Almanac, 1858, 1860, 1870;
(8) Quarterly, Texas State Historical Association, Volumes I-XLII.
4. Mexican sources:
(1) Castañeda, Carlos E.: The Mexican Side of the Texas Revolution;
(2) Filisola, Vicente: Memorias para la Historia de la Guerra de Texas (Mexico, 1849), 2 volumes;
(3) Urrea, José: Diario de las Operaciones Militares . . . en la Campaña de Tejas.
5. Miscellaneous Texas sources:
(1) Baker, D. W. C.: A Texas Scrap Book;
(2) Bancroft, Hubert Howe: History of Texas and North Mexican States, Volumes I and 11;
(3) Barker, Eugene C.

Copyright © 1939 Texas State Historical Association

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