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The Men of Goliad33
Scott, Levi PendletonWheelwright, George W.
Terrell, ChristopherWright, Ralph
Thompson, Thomas S.

c) Killed in action, or mortally wounded, March 19, 1836:

Dorsey, AlfredMcKnight, George
Eigenauer, ConradPetrussewicz, H. Francis
Jackson, JohnQuinn, William
Kelly, JohnSavage, William F.
Mann, William H.Swords, Archibald

(d) Killed by order of General Santa Anna at Goliad, March 27, 1836:

Abercrombie, Wiley A.Brown, William S.
Adams, James MossBryson, John M.
Aldridge, IsaacBuckley, Daniel
Aldridge, JohnBurbidge, Thomas
Allen, LaytonBurt, Benjamin F.
Allen, PeterButler, Moses
Allison, AlfredBynum, Alfred
Allston, William L.Byrne, Matthew
Ames, AllisonCain, J. W.
Anderson, Patrick H.Carabajal, Mariano
Bagby, James S.Carlisle, George Washington
Baker, AugustusCarrier, Charles J.
Baker, StephenCarroll, Michael E.
Barkley, John H.Caruthers, Ewing
Barnhill, John N.Cash, George W.
Barton, Thomas B.Chadwick, Joseph M.
Bates, AnthonyChew, John
Batts, James S.Chisum, Enoch P. Gains
Beall, Josias B.Churchill, Thomas T.
Beck, John F.Clark, Joseph H.
Bell, MarvinClark, Seth
Bellows, Fred J.Coe, John G.
Bentley, Henry HogueCoglan, George W.
Blackwell, Joseph H.Cole, William H.
Blake, Thomas M.Coleman, Jacob
Bouch, GabrielColston, William John
Bracey, Leslie G. H.Comstock, William
Bradford, James A.Conrad, Cullen
Brashear, Richard G.Conway, Matthew
Brister, Nathaniel R.Cosby, Thomas H.
Brooks, John SowersCowan, William J.
Brown, J. S.Cox, Harvey
Brown, OliverCozart, Henderson
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