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32Southwestern Historical Quarterly
Ingram, AllenRains, Joel D.
Moses, McKRounds, George
Pease, L. T.Trezevant, James P.

(e) Detailed to build boats, at Victoria, March 23, 1836: afterward escaped:

Barnwell, James H.Lamkin, John James
Callaghan, JosephNeely, James H.
Callahan, James H.O'Daniel, John, Jr.
Gamble, JosephPatterson, Edward
Hammock, Roderick PierceSmith, Thomas J.
Hitchcock, Andrew JacksonSpiller, John T.
Horry, ThomasStewart, Thomas G.
Kennymore, John C. P.Wilkinson, William L.

All those who knew A. J. Hitchcock in his old age are convinced that he escaped from the massacre on March 27, instead of having been detained at Victoria on the 23rd; but all existing official records and statements of contemporaries are in accord in listing him as one of the Victoria men.

(f) Detained at Victoria by General Urrea; afterward escaped:

Durain, EmanuelMordecai, Benjamin
Greene, Sion DuffWelsh, William
Moran, Martin

5. Men of Colonel Fannin's Command, as of March 18-19, 1836:

(a) Escaped to Victoria, night of March 18:

Durret, Silas M.Ludington, Elam

(b) Mounted men under Captain Horton,
not captured on March 19-20, 1836:

Adams, Thomas JeffersonFenner, Joseph
Austin, NormanFrancis, William C.
Baylor, Dr. John WalkerGeorge, Jefferson
Betts, JacobHorton, Albert C.
Boom, Garrett E.Jones, Francis
Bridgeman, George J.Jones, John
Brooks, George WhitfieldKincheloe, Augustus S.
Buckner, J. W.Moore, James W.
Cantwell, ThomasMorgan, Charles
Clements, JosephOsborn, John L.
DeMoss, LewisOsborn, Thomas
DeMoss, WilliamRiley, Michael
Eastland, Nicholas W.Robinson, George N.
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