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The Men of Goliad31

of this roll was available until it was found (in Flag of the Union, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, July 23, 1836) after the monument had been engraved. Dr. Shackelford's roll shows that Brady [properly Bracey], Gibbs, Humphries, and Penny, of Captain King's company, were with the "Red Rovers", on March 19 and could not have been killed with Captain King on March 16. Dr. Shackelford also notes that several men had joined his company only a few days before its capture.

(b) Captured with Captain King, but not killed:

Ayers, LewisJenson, Charles
Dieterich, FrancisOdlum, Benjamin D.
Fagan, NicholasOsborn, Abraham H.

These were all spared by General Urrea, as colonists, except Jenson, or Johnson, [Ehrenberg calls him a "Hamburger named Gansen"] saved by Colonel Holsinger. John James of Refugio, captured at this time, was spared for the time being, but was killed at Goliad with Colonel Fannin's men.

4. Men Lost, or Who Escaped at and Near Victoria During Colonel Ward's Retreat.

(a) Water party sent forward by Colonel Ward March 16, 1836: all of whom escaped:

Butler, William H.Hudson, Henry G.
Bright, JohnRogers, Hugh
Davis, O. H. PerryRutledge, Richard
Holt, David I.

(b) Killed in action March 21, 1836:

Wilson, Joseph L.

(c) Killed, as prisoners, near Victoria, March 21, 1836:

Brooks, Daniel B.Quirk, Thomas
Conner, Stith

Seven others, names unknown, who are included, probably, in Refugio and Goliad lists.

(d) Left Colonel Ward's command, on Guadalupe, on night of March 21 and escaped:

Andrews, JosephHardaway, Samuel G.
Bradford, Benjamin F.Heck, Charles Frederick
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