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The Men of Goliad29

(a) Killed:

Cass, James M.Johnson, Joseph Smith
Carpenter, JosephLewellen, Thomas
Denison, StephenMarshall, Horace Ovid
Grant, Dr. JamesMcLanglin, John C.
Heartt, Dr. Charles P.Morris, Robert C.
Howard, J. T.Wentworth, J. W.

(b) Captured and taken to Matamoros as prisoners:

Brown, Reuben R.Curtis, Stillman S.
Collett, JohnJones, Nelson

Besides two Mexicans (one called "Cayetano"), whose full names can doubtless be found in the Mexican archives.

(c) Escaped:

Benavides, PlacidoMoses, David
DeSpain, RandolphReed, James
Gatlin, William JamesScurlock, William

Those who escaped, except Benavides, joined Colonel Fannin and were all killed on March 27, save Scurlock, who was spared as a nurse. Two unnamed Americans were killed at Agua Dulce; Grant's party consisting of twenty-three Americans and three Mexicans, all told.

3. Men Lost at and Near Refugio in the Fighting of March 14-16, 1836, under Colonel Ward and Captain King.

(a) Killed:

Anderson, SamuelMurphy, James
Armstrong, William S.Ray, Anderson
Callison, James HenryRodgers, John B.
Colgrove, John H.Sayle, Antoine
Cook, ThomasShelton, William
Davis, FieldsSimpson, William K.
Davis, JacksonSmith, Gavin H.
Henley, JamesSmith, Oliver
Heth, Joel F.Stewart, John C.
Johnson, William R.Toler, Robert A.
King, Amon ButlerWallace, William
Kirk, Harvey H.Weeks, Thomas G.
Ledbetter, SneedWinters, Christopher
Murphy, James B.Wood, Samuel
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