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Alabama, under Captain Jack Shackelford, and armed, as was Captain Wyatt's company, with muskets borrowed from the arsenal of the State of Alabama. This company also received additions after landing in Texas, and en route. It was well commanded, and well equipped, and had increased by March 19th to almost seventy men.

(2) A squad, or small company, (ten men) recruited in Tennessee and Mississippi, by Captain John C. Grace, which joined Colonel Fannin, at Goliad, in company with Captain Shackelford's command.

(3) Another squad, or small company, (eight or nine men) sent forward by the Council from San Felipe, on February 9, under Lieutenant Samuel Sprague.

(4) The Refugio Militia Company, under Captain Hugh McDonald Fraser; fifteen or twenty men, mentioned by Colonel Fannin as being in active service on February 11 and 12. This company was diminished by details as couriers, and to care for fleeing families, until it was only a squad when the actual fighting began.

(5) Captain A. C. Horton's company of Matagorda Volunteers, forty-two men in all, which did not join Colonel Fannin until after the loss of the Georgia Battalion and Captains King's and Wyatt's men.

(6) Five of those who escaped from Grant's defeat at Agua Dulce; three who had been at San Patricio with Johnson; and one or more of General Houston's couriers, were captured with Colonel Fannin, on March 20, and shared the fate of his command.


While still at Refugio, on February 7, Colonel Fannin began organizing a regiment from the volunteers there, of which he was chosen Colonel, and Major William Ward, Lieutenant Colonel, without debate. The Georgia Volunteers insisted upon choosing a major, instead of Major Ward, promoted; and Dr. Warren J. Mitchell, of Columbus, Georgia, was elected to that post. Organization of the Second, or LaFayette Battalion, was not effected until after Captain Cooke's companies had returned to Goliad from San Patricio, about February 18. Several of the companies, including Captain Cooke's, were much reduced in size. Upon his departure

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