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Goliad about Jan. 21, 1836.

Powell, on June 10, 1837, at Houston, Texas, assigned his pay to James Young. Several of Wyatt's men returned to the United States about Feb. 4, 1836, and Frederick C. Powell was likely one of these. [CMSR No. 1961, Series 3, State Library.] His services, however, were probably the basis for the action of the Commission of Claims in issuing land certificates to the heirs of one T. C. Powell, as having "Fallen with Fannin."

Age     MarriedHorton's Company

In January, 1858, the heirs of Lewis Powell petitioned for an augmentation of his one-third headright grant, on the ground of his having been, when he came to Texas, married and the head of a family, and Wiley Powell and Dorcas Powell severally swore that they knew him as a married man, and head of a family; and that he entered the army of Texas and fell with Col. Fannin at Goliad. Wiley Powell's affidavit was executed in Travis county, and Dorcas Powell's in Robertson county.

Lewis Powell's name appears on the land office copy of Horton's muster roll as one of the members of that company who were killed at Goliad. J. Snively, Acting Secretary of War, also certified as of Aug. 15, 1837, that the name of Lewis Powell appeared on Capt. Dimitt's muster roll, as having entered the service on Oct. 9, 1835; that he was subsequently mustered in Captain Horton's Company, and was reported as having been killed in the General Massacre at Goliad. [CMSR, Series 3, No. 3156, State Library.] James Hughes was his administrator.

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