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KING, AMON B.Captain
Age 29Paducah Volunteers

Amon B. King was born, in 1807, in Baltimore, Maryland. He left Baltimore in 1827, on a Western journey to gather furs, and was a resident of Paducah, Kentucky in 1832; and was city marshall of Paducah in 1833, 1834 and 1835.

In the late autumn of 1835, Captain Wyatt and his company from Huntsville, Alabama, came down the Tennessee river, on their way to Texas, and stopped off for a day and two nights in Paducah, seeking recruits.

"Amon B. King became enthused with their appeal, resigned his office of city marshal ... joined the Wyatt Company, and sailed down the Ohio to the Mississippi, and thence down the Mississippi to Natchez. ... From Natchez they marched across country, through Louisiana, landing at Washington - on - the - Brazos the day before Christmas, 1835. ... In the meantime Amon B. King had organized a company of his own, largely from Maryland, and had been elected captain. ... On December 27, [he was] ordered to march across the country to Copano Bay. ... Shortly before the battle at Goliad he was ordered over to Refugio to protect the women and children from the Mexicans, and after he, and his little remnant of men had been lashed and caused to walk through prickly pears with their bare feet ... were all shot down." [James M. Robertson, Quarterly, Vol. XXIX, p. 147 et seq.]
In 1839, his mother, Mary Ann Camp, and her husband, Joseph Camp, visited Texas and obtained his pay warrants.

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