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KENYON, AMOS D.Fourth Corporal
AgeWadsworth's Company

Kenyon's name did not appear on the original T&TR roll of Fannin's men. It does appear as Fourth Corporal, Wadsworth's Company on LOMR; and without any notation to suggest that he escaped the massacre; but his name appears on Captain Patton's roll for San Jacinto, and CMSR No. 1433, shows that he served in Colonel Fannin's command, and in Captain Patton's Company continuously from Dec. 23, 1835 to June 22, 1836; while CMSR No. 389 shows a subsequent three months enlistment, June 25 - September 26, 1836. This is confirmed by Land Office Records [Bexar Bounty No. 820; Bexar Bounty No. 812; Colorado First Class No. 821.]

The last mentioned source shows that his estate was in administration in Colorado county in 1838. He was probably one of those who escaped capture on Ward's retreat; though the failure of the original T&TR roll to note that fact suggests that he may possibly have been absent from Fannin's command, as a courier, when Ward departed for Refugio on March 13th. The absence from the T&TR roll of the name of John Smith, First Sergeant of Wadsworth's Company, who likewise served with Patton's Company at San Jacinto, is accounted for in that way.

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