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AgeTicknor's Company

David Johnson was paid Oct. 18, 1853, on certificate of James S. Gillett, Adjutant General, that his name is on the muster roll of Captain Ticknor's Company, and that he fell in the massacre at Goliad.

J. M. Gadberry of Unionville, S. C., held Power of Attorney from his heirs, John Vessels and wife and others. [Public Debt Papers, State Library.]

AgeDuval's Company

When Frank W. Johnson, on January 3, 1836, requested commissions for the officers of the companies he had organized, for the Matamoros expedition, at Bexar, one of them was for Edward J. Johnson, as first lieutenant of Captain Pearson's Company. Johnson, however, quitted Pearson's Company at Refugio, and was one of the volunteers who signed the Convention Memorial about February 5, 1836, and his name appears on LOMR, and on original and subsequent version of T&TR roll of Fannin's men as a private in Duval's Company who perished with it at Goliad, March 27, 1836.

Ehrenberg tells in detail of an ammunition explosion on Fannin's battlefield, shortly after the surrender on March 20th, caused by a cigar smoked by a "Kentuckian named Johnson," who was badly burned, but other accounts of this affair suggest that Ehrenberg's was rather exaggerated. The Johnson he mentions, however, would seem to have been Edward J.

This soldier's pay was drawn May 27, 1850, on certificate of Ben H. Hill, Adjutant General, that the name of Ed J. Johnson appears on the muster roll of Captain Duval's Company -- that he was enrolled Dec. 25, 1835, and massacred March 27, 1836. [Public Debt Papers, State Library.]

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