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Company and as the men were to be shot Holzinger threw an artillery mantle over him, and drew him out of the confusion. The heros fell, and a scoundrel was saved, who, at the Fannin massacre, as Martinez told me, offered his services, unasked, to operate one of the cannon against his comrades."  [Bartholomae's Translation of Ehrenberg's narrative, p. 272.]

"During the remainder of this day, (April 6th) the only molestation we received was from one individual of the enemy, who posted himself behind a brick oven near the bank of the river, and fired at us with a rifle the greater part of the day. I was afterward informed that this indefatigable rifleman was an American of the name of Johnson who had deserted to the enemy.  [Sergeant Isaac L. Hill's account of Baker's skirmishing at the San Felipe Ferry, April 1st - 11th, 1836, Quarterly, VII, p. 43.]

Jenson's name appears on Westover's roll in the General Land Office, with notation "Escaped Matamoros"; also on King's roll as "Charles Johnston," with notation, "Reg. Inf'y."

Col. John S. Ford has preserved in his Memoirs, a story told by William Neale, a well known English resident of Matamoros at the time of the Mexican retreat, of a man with the retreating troops, who claimed to have escaped being killed at the storming of the Alamo. Col. Ford says

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