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Republic. He was paid May 22, 1838, payment being made to John Boyd, administrator, for the period Dec. 13th, 1835 to March 27, 1836, no account being taken of the fact that he was killed at Refugio, not later than March 16, 1836, and not in the general massacre. [CMSR No. 7585, State Library.]

HUNT, FRANCIS M.First Sergeant
Age 21     UnmarriedBullock's Company

The muster roll notation, on Land Office copy of Fannin's roll of Bullock's Company is "Commanded Company in Fight, taken Prisoner to Matamoros," but it is clear that the second part of the notation cannot be true. On August 25, 1837, George Stovall of Talbotton, Georgia wrote General Lamar, whom he had just seen at Macon,

"Mr. Hunt and myself left Macon on Tuesday last and entirely forgot to leave some instructions for you. ... We would be glad ... if ... you find it necessary ... you would commence an administration on our son's estates. ...Mr. Hunt's son's name was Francis M.; he was upwards of twenty-one years old when he was killed."  [Lamar Papers, No. 586.]
Had Hunt escaped, or been spared, Lamar, then at Macon, would certainly have known it at that time. An explanation of the error in the muster roll notation may be found in the certificate of James S. Gillett, Adjutant General, April 24, 1854, concerning Samuel T. Brown, that

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