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was destroyed. His name does not appear on Horton's muster roll, nor elsewhere in the Archives pertaining to Fannin's men, and this compiler has been unable to corroborate his story. However, John Henry Brown [History of Texas, I, 614] and Philip C. Tucker, who knew him, both accorded full credence, apparently, to his claims.

HUGHES, JAMESRegimental Commissary
Age     Married

James Hughes was the father of First Lieutenant Wiley Hughes and Sergeant Wesley Hughes of Winn's Company, Georgia Battalion. When the Georgia Battalion was organized at Velasco, Green B. Buchanan was appointed commissary and James Hughes, issuing commissary. Buchanan transferred to the Invincible but Hughes continued as commissary until the destruction of Fannin's Command.

In the action of March 19th, he did good work with his rifle. Abel Morgan, who calls him "Hews", tells the story in detail, describing him as being "not a soldier, but a civilian, who had his horse and gig along." Morgan also explains that "Hews" was saved at the massacre through having bribed a Mexican officer. In doing so, Peter Griffin, who spoke Spanish, acted as interpreter, so the bribed officer had to save Griffin as well. Hughes and Griffin were then assigned to aid Morgan [Smith] and Scurlock, in caring for the Mexican wounded.

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