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Age 36Wyatt's Company

"Henry G. Hudson ... a resident of Brazos county, Texas, ... was born in Tennessee, in the year 1800, and is the identical H. G. Hudson who was a private in the company commanded by Captain [B.] L. Lawrence ... and continued in the service of Texas ... for about 18 months, a portion of the time under Captains Thomas, Chaneworth, and Bradford, and was honorably discharged at Columbia ... 1837 ... by Cooke, Secretary of War ... and that he participated in several skirmishes and in the battle of the Mission Refugio at Colonel Ward's defeat."  [Hudson's affidavit, Pension Papers, State Library, No. 676, May 15, 1874.]

"This affiant was in Captain Ben Bradford's Company. From Labadie we were ordered by Colonel Fannin to go to the relief of Captain King, at the mission, on a forced march under Colonel Ward, and was compelled to leave his mare, and everything he had ... except the clothing that he wore ... all of which he lost ... he having been prevented from returning to Labadie by being ordered by Col. Fannin to Victoria from the Mission."  [Hudson's affidavit made in Brazos county, Dec. 19, 1859; Memorial, No. 247, File Box 42, Dept. of State Archives, State Library.]

He was one of Holt's water party, and escaped with Perry Davis and Richard Rutledge, assisted by John J. Linn. [See Linn's Reminiscences.]

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