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at Victoria on March 23rd. Gamble, after his escape, continued in the service of Texas; and in the Lamar Papers (No. 470) there is a letter from him to General Lamar, dated October 25, 1836.

AgePettus' Company

Hodge was another of Grace's men, transferred to Pettus' Company, whose name is incomplete on the rolls, no official muster roll of Pettus' Company having been returned after its absorption of Grace's Company on February 15, 1836. From records in the General Land Office, his full name, it seems, was Nathan Hodge. He perished at Goliad, March 27, 1836, in the general massacre of Fannin's men.

HOLLAND, BENJAMIN H.Acting Lieutenant
AgeVolunteer Artillery
(Pettus' roll)

Benjamin H. Holland came to Texas on the Aurora in January, 1836, as a member of Captain Grace's Company. The "Red Rovers" came out on the Brutus at the same time. Holland, with others of his company, enlisted in the New Orleans Grays, but when Fannin, about March 1, 1836, organized a provisional company of volunteer artillery, under Captain Stephen D. Hurst, Holland was assigned to it and was given command of some of the guns.

L. M. H. Washington certified, June 28, 1836, that Holland was at Fort Defiance, La Bahia until the 12th March, 1836, and that he had every reason to believe that he was present at the massacre on March 27th, and that Holland officiated as commander of the

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