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"Surrendered with Col. Ward, detained as laborers at Victoria, and released at Matagorda by Col. Holsinger, after the victory at San Jacinto.

"Thomas J. Smith, who died in Fort Bend in 1890

H. Mordecai
Pierce Hammock
Thomas Horry
Dr. Lumpkin
Ed Patterson
A. J. Hitchcock

and ten or twelve others. I make this statement on the authority of Thomas J. Smith, who wrote in 1883. He says:

'The river at Victoria was swollen, and twelve carpenters and four choppers were called for to build a boat. These with three who were foot worn, remained, the rest of the prisoners being hurried on to La Bahia. Among the foot worn was Mordecai.'"

It will be noted that Smith affirmatively names A. J. Hitchcock as being one of those detained at Victoria to build a boat.

The Land Office Muster Roll for Captain Wadsworth's Company includes the names of Joseph Gamble, Thomas Horry, and A. J. Hitchcock, with the notation, after each, "detained as laborer at Victoria; escaped at Matagorda"; and opposite the name of John C. P. Kennymore, "detained as laborer at Victoria and escaped."

Dr. Rowell, in his sketch of Hitchcock's life, makes a point of the fact that Gamble accompanied him when he escaped. The Doctor evidently supposed that both Hitchcock and Gamble had escaped from the massacre on March 27th. Gamble, however, was one of the sixteen carpenters and other mechanics spared

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