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been killed with Grant at Agua Dulce, March 2, 1836. If he was not killed, he became a "prisoner of Matamoros." He signed the Convention Memorial at Refugio about February 5, 1836.

HALSEY, E. B.Private
AgeWadsworth's Company

The name of E. B. Halsey appears on LOMR for Wadsworth's Company with notation "Left before the battle." It does not appear at all on the original or any revised version of the T&TR roll. No evidence has been found to explain or amplify the LOMR record. So many of Wadsworth's men were returned by him as deserters, or as AWOL, who turned up with other companies, that the evidence supplied by his rolls must be used with care.

In this connection it should be remembered, though, that after Ward's battle at the Refugio Mission on March 14th, several Texan stragglers were picked up by the enemy. Lewis Ayers says that after King's men were captured and brought back to Refugio on March 15th, enough Texans, who had been picked up one by one, were added to Captain King's men to make the whole number 33. King's party, of itself, did not number more than 21, and after allowing for all known captures of couriers and others, the number of prisoners must have included several stragglers from Col. Ward's command.

Urrea's diary entry for March 15th reports that

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