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AgePettus' Company

Gould was a member of Pettus' Company certified by the adjutant general as being a member of that company whose name did not appear on the original muster roll; that is, in effect, that he was a transfer from Grace's Company. The AGO certificate further shows that he was "killed with Fannin."

GRACE, JOHN E.First Lieutenant
AgePettus' Company
[Ed: John C. Grace in Davenport 1939 and Miller 1967]

Lieutenant John E. Grace gave up a good position in Memphis, and came to Texas, principally at his own expense, with a small company of fifteen men, who came out on the Aurora at the same time that the Brutus brought out Captain Shackelford's "Red Rovers." The two vessels joined company at Paso Cavallo, and landed the volunteers at Matagorda about Jan. 15th. Attempting to make Dimitt's landing on the smaller Robert Edens, both companies were cast away on Matagorda Island, where they suffered some hardships before being lightered to Texana.

At Goliad Captain Grace's small company was incorporated into the Pettus' Company of "New Orleans Grays" which was much reduced in numbers, and Grace was elected first lieutenant of the reorganized company. Due to the fact that it was not mustered with Fannin's command on Feb. 29th, Grace and his men were not included on any company return; and there was some difficulty in making official proof of their service.

In later years, Right Reverend Thomas L. Grace, brother of Lieutenant John E. Grace, was Catholic Bishop of St. Paul, Minn. [Linn's Reminiscences of Fifty Years in Texas, p. 189; Dr. Barnard's Journal; Wooten, pp. 609-612, Humphrey N. Gore, Pension Papers; Benj. H. Holland; CMSR, No. 557; Brigham's No. 557; A. Bass and J.P.B. January; Comptroller's Military Service Records, and Memorial No. 160, File Box No. 41; all in State Library.]

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