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AgeBurke's Company

The name of M. G. Frazier appears on LOMR and on the several versions of the T&TR roll, as a private in Burke's Company, to which it would seem he transferred from Chenoweth's Company after Feb. 5, 1836. On the Chenoweth muster roll the name is "Hugh Frazier," who is recorded as having joined the army at Bexar Dec. 15, 1835, and Chenoweth's Company Jan. 13, 1836, but "M. G. Frazier" signed the Convention Memorial, among Chenoweth's men, and the form "Hugh Frazier" may be due to a compiler's error in confusing it with "H. M. Frazer," captain of the Refugio men. M. G. Frazier was massacred at Goliad on March 27th, as a member of Burke's Company.  [Ed: There is also a "W. G." Frazier on the Chenoweth roll, but missing from the Davenport manuscripts.]

FREEMAN, THOMAS S.Second Corporal
AgeBullock's Company
Macon, Georgia

In his story of the massacre, written Nov. 1, 1837, to his uncle, Thomas Ward (brother of Col. William Ward), Corporal Samuel T. Brown of Bullock's Company said:

"At the time our division of prisoners was shot ... just before me, next in file, Thomas S. Freeman of Macon was killed."
His pay was drawn by J. W. Simmons, attorney for Azel R. Freeman, for the period Nov. 21, 1835 - March 27, 1836. [CMSR, No. 307, State Library.]

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