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Age 18Burke's Company

Ehrenberg was born in Marienwerder [Ed: Steuden, see Note 5.], Prussia, and was the son of William Von Ehrenberg, a royal Prussian official of high rank. A revolutionary attempt while he was a student at Jena, sent him to America. He stayed for a time in New York, but was in New Orleans when the "Grays" were organized in October, 1835, and accompanied Captain Breece's Company to Texas (although his name seems not to appear on any of its extant rolls,) and participated with it in storming Bexar, in December, 5-10, 1835.

When the Matamoros expedition was proposed, a majority of Breece's Company continued at Bexar, but Ehrenberg and others transferred to the "Mobile Grays," and continued with them to Refugio, where that company joined Fannin's command. Ehrenberg accompanied it to San Patricio, when it was sent there by Col. Fannin on Feb. 8th to reinforce Major Morris, and returned to Goliad about February 15th. On March 27th, Ehrenberg was marched out, with his company, to be shot, but escaped. He was again captured by the enemy on the 8th day after the massacre; but was spared by General Urrea and was taken by Col. Holzinger to Matagorda, but, a few days after San Jacinto, he again escaped; this time with a party of other Texan prisoners whom Holzinger was seeking to transport, by boat, to Matamoros or Copano.

Ehrenberg was honorably discharged by M. B. Lamar, Secretary of War, at Velasco, June 2, 1835 [Ed: 1836], "With approbation of the

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