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Beasons FerryEdwd D Davis
Decr 22nd 1835Secry
(Endorsed:)   Recruits


[Ed: The Convention Memorial, literal transcription]
of the

VOLUNTEERS in the actual service of Texas to the convention to be assembled at Washington on the First day of March 1836

We the undersigned volunteers in the Army of Texas now at Refugio in the western department of Texas would most respectfully represent to your honorable body that the ordinance and decree of the Governor & council making provision for calling a convention hath ordered that a specified number of persons be elected from each municipality with unlimited or plenary powers to form a constitution and to exercise the highest legislative functions in Texas also, "that all free white males shall be entitled to vote at said election

We were & had been for some time in the municipality of Refugio on the day of election -- Refugio is entitled by the decree to two members & we claiming Texas as our adopted country and being placed by the provisional government on the footing of the most favoured citizens conceived that agreeably to the ordinance we had a right to our suffrage

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