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After many years' study, in the light of other evidence, the present writer has, however, a high opinion of the good faith and general accuracy of the Land Office Muster rolls, though there may be difficulty in determining what is meant, and in ascertaining, with reference to known facts, what the original entry actually was.

[Ed: the scope of the study follows]

The present study was begun, on 1922, with no other intent than to obtain a reasonably correct roster of Fannin's men by combining the information contained in the Land Office Muster rolls, the Barnard roll, and the original and revised versions of the Telegraph and Texas Register rolls. Its scope was much extended in 1925, after the publication of a sketch by Judge James M. Robertson of Meridian, Texas, of the life and services of Captain Amon B. King, which mentioned a Memorial to the Government signed by the Texan volunteers at Refugio.

Examination of this memorial, (the original of which was then among the memorials in the archives of the Department of State, and is now in the State Library) disclosed that it was signed at Refugio about February 5, 1836, by all the volunteers there who had not voted elsewhere, and is a petition to the convention called to meet at Washington on March 1st, to seat David Thomas and Edward Conrad as representatives of the signatory volunteers. It was signed by nearly half the men who afterward served under Fannin's command.

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