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The lists of names so certified were subdivided as:

(1) "A list of the names of those who fell in the Alamo at San Antonio de Bexar, 6th of March, 1836, pp. 1-3";

(2) "A list of the Gonzales Ranging Company of Mounted Volunteers mustered into service on the 23d day of February, 1836, by Byrd Lockhart, Acting Commissioner for that purpose, and Aid de Camp to the Acting Governor of Texas, attached to Travis Command, p. 4";

(3) "A list of Col. James W. Fannin Jr.'s Command, who were massacred by the Mexicans after they had capitulated at Goliad, 27th March, 1836, pp. 5-20";

(4) A series of individual certificates as to various members of Fannin's Command, pp. 20-33;

(5) A muster roll of Captain Thos. H. Breece's Company before Bexar, p. 37;

(6) A copy of a muster roll of Captain Llewellyn's Company, certified by H. M. Pittman, 1st Sergeant, April 17, A.D. 1850, from a pencil original in his possession, p. 38;

(7) A supplemental list certified by the Adjutant General as being names of members of the several companies of Col. Fannin's command which appear on the Register of Foreign Volunteers but were not placed on original muster rolls, pp. 33-35;

The list of Colonel James W. Fannin Jr.'s command, as certified by the Adjutant General, Land Office Muster rolls, pp. 5-20, is further subdivided as:

(1) Muster Roll of Captain W. A. O. Wadsworth's Company from Dec. 31, 1835, to Feb. 29, 1836, pp. 5-6;

(2) Muster Roll of Captain U. J. Bullock's Company, Dec. 23, 1835, to Feb. 29, 1836, pp. 7-8;

(3) Muster Roll of Captain James C. Winn's Company, from Dec. 31, 1835 to Feb. 29, 1836, pp. 9-10;

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