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I. The Telegraph and Texas Register Roll

[Editor's transcription and name list online, this site]

As soon after the battle of San Jacinto as the distracted state of the country would permit, the editors of the Telegraph and Texas Register, assisted by Dr. Joseph H. Barnard and other survivors of Fannin's Command, prepared a roll of Fannin's men, as complete and accurate as circumstances would permit, which was published in the Telegraph and Texas Register for November 9, 1836, with an explanatory note that

"After a delay of several weeks and incredible trouble, in order to render the following muster roll as free from inaccuracies as possible, we present it to the public for the information of the relatives of the deceased. The original muster and descriptive rolls of the different companies were destroyed with other papers belonging to the Executive Department, on the conflagration of San Felipe; and we are aware that errors may exist, notwithstanding all our pains and trouble.

"The subject of the massacre of Col. Fannin and his brave associates has been so often the theme of discussion and universal animadversion that we might be excused on the present occasion from offering further remarks; but the unprovoked, cold blooded, unnecessary murder committed on those illustrious champions of Texas liberty can never be forgotten nor exhausted in its narration. Veneration for the memory of the deceased requires it and the interest of Texas demands it; because they were our friends, our relatives, and our defenders; and the reminiscence of the event serves as a stimilus to deeds of valor which will accomplish the salvation of Texas."

This Telegraph and Texas Register roll of Fannin's men was carefully reprinted in Texas Almanac for 1860, pp. 89-91 [Ed: online, above],

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