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III. Destruction of Fannin's Command

1. The Johnson and Grant party was nominally a part of Fannin's Command, but that officer was not responsible for its loss. After a two weeks' foray among the Tamaulipas ranchos, Johnson and Grant divided their small command, Johnson returning to San Patricio with about 100 horses they had purchased or commandeered, while Grant went to the Camargo ranchos for more horses.

Johnson's party of thirty-four men was surprised by Urrea at and near San Patricio at 3 a.m. on the morning of February 27th. Johnson and about twenty of his men were sleeping, without sentinels or guards, in three widely separated houses, in the town of San Patricio. Sergeant William Langenheim had charge of the horses, at Julian's rancho, some three miles below, with a guard of seven or eight Americans from Pearson's Company and an equal number of friendly San Antonio Mexicans.

Early in the morning of Feb. 27th, both parties were surprised and overwhelmed. Johnson and four or five others escaped, and made the best of their way to Refugio. Two other Americans were wounded and left at Julian's rancho. One of these escaped, joined Fannin, and shared his fate. The other was taken to Matamoros by Urrea in May. Eleven other Americans and five Mexicans were captured; and eight Americans and two or three of Johnson's Mexican allies were killed.

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