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San Patricio with Captain Cooke about February 15, 1836, from Pearson's and Llewellyn's companies.

(6) About February 29, 1836, (and apparently after mustering his command on that date) Fannin organized a company of volunteer artillery made up of men from other companies who had had experience as cannoneers. This may have been a service company only, and not an administrative unit; the men being assigned to the artillery for duty while continuing with their former companies for rations and quarters. The volunteer artillery was commanded by Captain Stephen D. Hurst, a Philadelphian; Benjamin H. Holland, an engineer from Grace's Company, and H. Francis Petrussewicz and John Kornicky, Polish engineers, commanded guns.

II. Fannin's Staff

When the "Georgia Battalion" was organized at Velasco in December, 1835, Captain William Ward was chosen Major; Dr. Warren J. Mitchell, of Columbus, Georgia, Surgeon; David J. Holt, of Macon, Georgia, Quartermaster; Henderson Cozart and Lewis M. H. Washington, Assistant Quartermasters; James Hughes, of Georgia, Commissary; and Green B. Buchanan, of Milledgeville, Georgia, Issuing Commissary. The battalion and company officers having had no military training, the Georgians adopted two brilliant young soldiers, who arrived at Velasco

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