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Westover's squad of regular artillery, at Refugio and Copano;

(3) Pearson's and Llewellyn's companies, and a detachment of Bexar Mexicans under Captain Placido Benavides, which were with Johnson and Grant at or near San Patricio.

In addition, Fannin brought with him, from Valasco, by sea:

5. The "Georgia Battalion," four companies commanded by Major William Ward, and consisting of:

(1) The "First Company," Captain William A. O. Wadsworth, which had been enlisted by Captain Wadsworth at Columbus, Georgia, (Fannin's home town) but which included men from Alabama and Mississippi, who had been enlisted en route.

(2) The "Second Company," Captain Uriah J. Bullock, enlisted by Major William Ward at Macon, Georgia, and organized and mustered into the service of Texas at Velasco, December 25, 1835. When this company sailed from Velasco for Copano, January 24, 1836, Captain Bullock was left at Velasco, sick, and was never able to rejoin it, or to exercise his command.

(3) The "Third Company," Captain James C. Winn, which was enlisted by Major Ward at Macon and Milledgeville, Georgia, in November, 1835, but included several men from Mississippi and Alabama who joined Major Ward's company en route. When Ward's large company was mustered into service of Texas at Velasco,

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