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the Bexar men, during December, 1835 and January, 1836, for the special purpose of garrisoning Copano, where they arrived about January 20th. During February and March, 1836, many of Chenoweth's men transferred to other companies.

3. Six companies organized at Bexar, and from among the volunteers there, by Johnson and Grant, during the last week in December, 1835, for the Matamoros expedition; and which marched to Goliad under Morris and Grant during the first week in January, 1836. These were:

(1) The "San Antonio Greys," under Captain William G. Cooke, originally composed almost entirely of men from Cooke's or Morris' Company of "New Orleans Greys" which had distinguished itself at the taking of Bexar.

(2) The "Mobile Greys"; Captain David N. Burke; a company originally numbering about thirty men, organized at Mobile in November, 1835, by A. C. Horton, Samuel P. St. John, and Captain Burke, which arrived at San Antonio one day too late to take part in the fighting there. As reorganized by Johnson and Grant, this company included several men from Breece's Company of New Orleans Greys who enlisted for the Matamoros expedition, a majority of that company having elected to remain at Bexar.

(3) The "U.S. Independent Cavalry Company"; Captain B. L. Lawrence; composed largely of Tennessee

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