The Battle of Monterrey

El Fandango
Watercolor, gouache and pencil, 4 3/16 x 7 inches

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Sam, though wounded in the head, he says, in the struggle for Bishop's Palace, nonetheless accompanied Lieutenant Carleton on a reconnaissance to the little town of Saleanus (Salinas). There, the ladies of the town got up a fandango. Out of prudence, Lieutenant Carleton forbade his men to attend. Sam, with torn, blood-stained trousers and bandaged head, attended anyway. As wounded hero, he asserted, "I was certainly the Lion of the evening...Shouts of silver toned laughter greeted me and the black eyed beauties were my friends at once." The men, one holding a handkerchief to his nose as if a bed smell had entered, left with "three dozzen [sic] Senoras muttering an untranslatable curse, 'carajaho!' [carajo]. Note bandage on Sam's head. Sam is clearly stretching a point here. He was not at the Battle of Monterrey, though he may have been on a scout to Salinas, north of Monterrey. Courtesy Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection, Brown University.
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