Audio Tips

QuickTime 3

All the audio on this website is in the QuickTime 3 format. If you know that you don't have the QuickTime 3 plugin for your browser, you can download it for free here. If you need assistance with the installation, or have questions about the system requirements for QuickTime 3, please go here.

If you have the QuickTime 3 plugin installed correctly for your browser, you should be able to click on the audio icon below and hear an excerpt from the website. The audio will begin to play automatically when enough data has been "buffered". If play stops for some reason, wait a few seconds and click on the play button.


Tips for Enjoying our Audio

The web pages in Living History, Sam's Story and the Introduction contain text, graphics, and QuickTime audio movies (like the one on this page). If you do NOT have a high-speed connection to the internet, it is recommended that you allow your browser 15-20 seconds to download the graphics before clicking the button to hear the audio (it is only necessary to click the audio button once). If you have a modem that is 28.8 kbps or faster, your modem will be able to download the audio as you listen to it (with a small delay at the start). Note, however, that trying to enlarge an image while playing the audio may cause an audio delay.

The Quicktime 3 audio movies on this website come in two versions - low quality for low speed connections, and high quality for fast connections. In this case, low speed is considered anything slower than 128k Dual ISDN, and high speed is anything at or above that. If you have installed QuickTime correctly, the right version of the audio will be chosen for you automatically. For more information about variable data rate movies, please go here.

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