SHQ Online Vol 107

07/2003 - 04/2004

Issue 1

Sacred Space, Profane Reality: The Politics of Building a Church inEighteenth- Century Texas.
By Adán Benavides
"Every Day Seemed tobe a Holiday": The Captivity of Bianca Babb.
Edited by Daniel J. Gelo and Scott Zesch
Four Years and a World of Difference: The Evolution of Lyndon Johnson and American Foreign Policy.
By Mitchell Lerner
Notes and Documents
Rails to Chihuahua: A Letter from Edwin Lyon Dean, September 22, 1882.
Edited by Edwina Antonia Clark
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
F. Todd Smith, The Wichita Indians: Traders of Texas and the Southern Plains, 1540—1845.
By Sharon J. Deubreau
Herbert Eugene Bolton, The Hasinais: Southern Caddoans as Seen by the Earliest Europeans.
By Timothy K. Perttula
Gerald Betty, Comanche Society: Before the Reservation.
By Elizabeth A. H. John
Henry Mihesuah, edited by Devon Abbott Mihesuah, First to Fight.
By Elizabeth Archuleta
David J. Schmidly, Texas Natural History: A Century of Change.
By Dwight Henderson
Noel D.Justice, Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of the Southwestern United States.
Noel D.Justice, Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of California and the Great Basin.

By Thomas R. Hester
Robert Marcom, Digging Up Texas: A Guide to the Archaeology of the State.
By C. Britt Bousman
Brian Imhoff, editor, The Diary of Juan Domínguez de Mendoza's Expedition into Texas, 1683—1684.
By Rick Hendricks
Jack Jackson, The Alamo: An Epic Told from Both Sides
By Linda S. Hudson
Michael Scott Van Wagenen, The Texas Republic and the Mormon Kingdom of God.
By Richard Francaviglia
Paul Foos, A Short, Offhand, Killing Affair: Soldiers and Social Conflict During the Mexican-American War.
By Richard Bruce Winders
Graham Davis, Land! Irish Pioneers in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas.
By Caroline Castillo-Crimm
Clayton E. Jewett, Texas in the Confederacy: A Experiment in Nation Building.
By Dale Baum
Elizabeth Wittenmyer Lewis, Queen of the Confederacy: The Innocent Deceits of Lucy Holcombe Pickens.
By Victoria Bynum
Lou Rodenberger, editor, 31 by Lawrence Clayton: A Clear Fork Chronicle.
By Russell Goodyear
James F. Brooks, Captives and Cousins: Slavery, Kinship, and Community in the Southwest Borderlands.
By Dedra S. McDonald
Richard W. Etulain, editor, New Mexican Lives: Profiles and Historical Stories.
By Sandra K.Mathews-Lamb
Audrey Goodman, Translating Southwestern Landscapes: The Making of an AngloLiterary Region.
By Deborah Lawrence
Tumbleweed Smith, Under the Chinaberry Tree: East Texas Folkways.
By Rollo K. Newsom
George Arnold, Growing Up Simple in Texas: AnIrreverent Look at Kidsin the 1950s.
By Colin Ramsey
Michael Perman, Struggle forMastery: Disfranchisement in the South, 1888-1908.
By Elizabeth Hayes Turner
Eric S. Juhnke, Quacks and Crusaders: The Fabulous Careers of John Brinkley, Norman Baker, and Henry Hoxsey.
By Patricia K. Benoit
Ken Kesselus, Alvin Wirtz: The Senator, LBJ, and LCRA.
By Carlos Kevin Blanton
Bruce L. Brager, The Texas 36th Division: A History.
By John Akers
Jonathan W. Singer, Broken Trusts: The Texas Attorney General Versus the Oil Industry, 1889— 1909.
By George N. Green
Joseph A.Pratt, Voice of the Marketplace: A History ofthe National Petroleum Council.
By Page S. Foshee
Don E. Carleton, A Breed So Rare: The Life of J.R. Parten, Liberal Texas Oil Man, 1896- 1992.
By James E. Cousar
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Henry S. Moore: An Early Astronomer in Texas.
By James Bryan
The 1780 Cabello Map: New Evidence That There Were Two Mission Rosarios, and a Possible Correction on the Site of El Fuerte del Cíbolo.
By Jack Jackson
Alexander Phimister Procter in Texas.
By Peter H. Hassrick
The Romantic Rhetoric of the Spanish Governor's Palace, San Antonio, Texas.
By Kenneth Hafertepe
Notes and Documents
"Son of Rising Star: Memoirs of a Texas Childhood.
By Ernest F. Patterson. Edited by Anthony S. Abbott
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Richard Flint, Great Cruelties Have Been Reported: The 1544 Investigation ofthe Coronado Expedition.
By Brian DeLay
Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes Jr. and Timothy D.Johnson, editors, A Fighter from Way Back: The Mexican War Diary of Lt. Daniel Harvey Hill, 4th Artillery, USA.
By John C. Pinheiro
John R. Lundberg, The Finishing Stroke: Texans in the 1864 Tennessee Campaign.
By Alwyn Barr
Jeffrey Wm. Hunt, The Last Battle of the Civil War: Palmetto Ranch.
Phillip Thomas Tucker, The Final Fury: Palmito Ranch, The Last Battle of the CivilWar.

By Jerry Thompson
Paul H.Carlson, The Buffalo Soldier Tragedy of 1877.
By Robert Wooster
Robert K. DeArment, Bravo of the Brazos :John Larn of Fort Griffin.
By Ty Cashion
Charles M.Neal Jr., Valor Across the Lone Star: The Congressional Medal of Honor in Frontier Texas.
By Samuel Watson
Judith Walker Linsley, Ellen Walker Rienstra, and JoAnn Stiles, Giant Under the Hill: A History of the Spindletop Oil Discovery at Beaumont, Texas, 1901.
By Mary L. Kelley
Donald J. Pisani, Water and American Government: The Reclamation Bureau,
National Water Policy, and the West, 1902— 1935.

By Shelly Dudley
Allen G. Hatley, Bringing the Law to Texas: Crime and Violence in Nineteenth Century Texas.
By Harold J. Weiss Jr.
Steven Harmon Wilson, The Rise of Judicial Management in the U.S. District of Texas, 1955—2000.
By James Cousar
Thomas H. Kreneck, Mexican American Odyssey: Felix Tijerina, Entrepreneur and Civil Leader, 1905-1965.
By Mary Kelley
Francisco A.Lomelí, Víctor A. Sorell, Genaro M.Padilla, editors, Nuevomexicano Cultural Legacy: Forms, Agencies, and Discourse.
By.Roberto R. Calderón
Teresa Palomo Acosta and Ruthe Winegarten, Las Tejanas: 300 Years of History.
By Jorge Iber
Richard W.Etulain, Cesar Chavez: A Brief Biography with Documents.
By Marc Rodriguez
Len Ainsworth, editor, How They Learned About Texas: Selections from the Texan Rifle-Hunter by "Captain Flack—Late of the Texas Rangers."
By Jeffrey Mauck
Jim Gramon, Legendary Texas Storytellers.
By Robert K. Newsom
Lawrence Clayton and Joe W. Soecht, editors, The Roots of Texas Music.
By John Wheat
Jean A.Boyd, "We're the Light Crust Doughboys from Burns Mill": An Oral History.
John Mark Dempsey, The Light Crust Doughboys are on the Air: Celebrating Seventy Years of Texas Music.

By Gary Hartman
Martha A. Sandweiss, Print the Legend: Photography and the American West.
By Francine Carraro
Geoff Winningham, Along Forgotten River: Photographs of Buffalo Bayou and the Houston Ship Channel, 1997—2001. ..
By Bill Wright
David M. Wrobel, Promised Lands: Promotion, Memory, and the Creation ofthe American West.
By Kent Curtis
Bert Almon, This Stubborn Self: Texas Autobiographies.
By Patrick Cox
Ronald L. Davis, John Rosenfield's Dallas.
By David G. McComb
Red McCombs with Mickey Herskowitz, The Red. Zone, Cars, Cows, and Coaches: The Life and Good Times of a Texas Dealmaker
By Alan Lessof

Issue 3

The Widow vs. The Bureaucrats: The Strange Case of Mrs. Captain Ripley Arnold.
By Richard Selcer
Tied and Tethered ("Geknippt und Gebinden"): Jews in Early Fort Worth.
By Hollace Ava Weiner
Renegades and Philistines: The First Thirty-five Years of Fort Worth's Theatrical History.
By Jan L. Jones
Samuel Moore Games: A Pioneering Art Collector in Early Fort Worth.
By Scott Grant Barker
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Carlos E. Cuéllar, Stories from the Barrio: A History of Mexican Fort Worth.
By José A. Ramírez
John Francis Burke, Mestizo Democracy: The Politics of Crossing Borders.
By Marc Rodriguez
Patrick J. Carroll, Felix Longoria's Wake: Bereavement, Racism, and the Rise of Mexican American Activism.
By Joseph A. Rodriguez
Mary Margaret McAllen Amberson, James A. McAllen, and Margaret H. McAllen, I Would Rather Sleep in Texas: A History of the Lower Rio Grande Valley and the People of the Santa Anita Land Grant.
By Gene B. Preuss
John L. Kessell, Spain in the Southwest: A Narrative History of Colonial New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California.
By Susan M. Deeds
Julia Hambric, Bryan Woolley, and Francis E. Abernethy, with photographs by Al Rendon, Charreada: Mexican Rodeo in Texas.
By Frank W.Jennings
Judith Berg Sobré, San Antonio on Parade: Six Historic Festivals.
By Dora Elizondo Guerra
Timothy Braatz, Surviving Conquest: A History of the Yavapai Peoples.
By Thomas R. Maddux
Glenn Justice, Little Known History of the Texas Big Bend: Documented Chronicles from Cabeza de Vaca to the Era of Pancho Villa.
By Ron Tyler
Francois Lagarde, editor, The French in Texas: History, Migration, Culture.
By S. M.Duffy
Dan Monroe, The Republican Vision of John Tyler.
By James S. Baugess
Paul N.Spellman, Captain John H.Rogers, Texas Ranger.
By Dan K. Utley
Robert E. May, Manifest Destiny's Underworld: Filibustering in Antebellum America.
By Stephen L.Hardin
George Skoch and Mark W. Perkins, editors, Lone Star Confederate: A Gallant and Good Soldier of the Fifth Texas Infantry.
By Richard Bruce Winders
Gary W. Gallagher, editor, The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862.
By James W. Pohl
Virginia Scharff, Twenty Thousand Roads: Women, Movement, and the West.
By Sherry L.Smith
James D. Ivy, No Saloon in the Valley: The Southern Strategy of Texas Prohibitionists in the 1880s.
By Todd Kerstetter
Daniel Tyler, Silver Fox of the Rockies: Delphus E. Carpenter and Western Water Compacts.
By Rachel D. Shaw
Roger Wood, Down in Houston: Bayou City Blues.
By Larry Willoughby
Richard Lowitt, Fred Harris: His Journey from Liberalism to Populism.
By Karen R. Merrill
Ken Anderson, George Bush: A Lifetime of Service.
By George Slaughter
Craig D. Hillis, Texas Trilogy: Life in a Small Texas Town.
By Stephen K. Davis
Lamar Muse, Southwest Passage: The Inside Story of Southwest Airlines' Formative Years.
By Jack Rhodes
Bill Harvey, Texas Cemeteries
By William Kerrigan
Carl R. McQueary, Dining at the Governor's Mansion.
By James McWilliams
Lisa Waller Rogers, The Great Storm: The Hurricane Diary of J. T. King.
By William C. Barnett
Mark G. Mitchell,Raising LaBelle.
By Anne H. Sutherland

Issue 4

Ramón de Murillo's Plan for the Reform of New Spain's Frontier Defenses.
Introduction and Annotation by Jesús F. de la Teja
Translated by John Wheat
Barnstormers, Businessmen, and High Hopes for the Future: Austin, Texas, Enters the Modern Air Age.
By Kenneth B. Ragsdale
Anvil of Ceres: The Confederate Foundry at Waller Creek.
By Bob Cavendish
Notes and Documents
The "Sabine Chute": The U.S. Army and the Texas Revolution.
By Bill and Marjorie K.Walraven
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Rolena Adorno and Patrick Charles Pautz, editors and translators, The Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca.
Alex D.Kreiger, We Came Naked and Barefoot: The Journey of Cabeza de Vaca Across North America.

By Brian DeLay
Todd Hansen, editor, The Alamo Reader: A Study inHistory.
By Jack Jackson
William T. Hagan, Taking Indian Lands: The Cherokee (Jerome) Commission, 1889—1893.
By Paul H. Carlson
Tony Hollinan, Great Chiefs.
By F. Todd Smith
Mick Gidley, editor, Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian Project in the Field.
By Sandra K. Mathews-Lamb
Ronald L.Davis., William S. Hart: Projecting the American West.
By William Goetzmann
Davis L.Ford, The Last Cowboy: The Personal Story of a Vanishing Cowboy.
By Andrés Tijerina
Don Graham, King of Texas: The 150-Year Saga of an American Ranching Empire.
By James A. Wilson
Eldon Gagle Jr., Fort Sam: The Story of Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
By Ricky Floyd Dobbs
Robert H.Thonhoff, Camp Kenedy, Texas.
By Bruce Ashcroft
Brad Melton and Dean Smith, editors, Arizona Goes to War: The Home Front and the Front Lines During World War II.
By John Akers
Peter Kolchin, A Sphinx on the American Land: The Nineteenth-Century South in Comparative Perspective.
By James M. Smallwood
Quintard Taylor and Shirley Ann Wilson Moore, editors, African-American Women Confront the West, 1600—2000.
By Stefanie Decker
Carlos Arnaldo Schwantes, Going Places: Transportation Redefines the Twentieth-Century West.
By Brad D.Lookingbill
Susan Wiley Hardwick, Mystic Galveston: Reinventing America's Third Coast.
By Donald Willett
Gabriela F. Arredondo, et al., editors, Chicana Feminisms: A Critical Reader.
By Anthony Mora
Glenda Riley and Richard W. Etulain, editors, Wild Women ofthe Old West.
By April J. Chase
Brian F. Connaughton, Clerical Ideology in a Revolutionary Age: The Guadalajara Church and the Idea of the Mexican Nation.
By José Roberto Juarez
Joe Nick Patoski, photographs by Laurence Parent, Texas Mountains.
By Glen Sample Ely
Barbara J. Rozek, Cometo Texas: Attracting Immigrants, 1865-1915.
By S. M. Duffy
Ron Padgett, Oklahoma Tough: My Father, King of the Tulsa Bootleggers.
By Carter Mattson
Thomas A. DeBlack, With Fire and Sword: Arkansas, 1861-1874.
By Richard A.Hall
C. E. Richard, Louisiana: An Illustrated History.
By Gilbert C. Din
Robert Flynn and Eugene McKinney, editors, Paul Baker and the Integration of Abilities.
By David Blanke