SHQ Online Vol 105

07/2001 - 04/2002

Issue 1

Remembering Tom Lea, Fellow,Texas State Historical Association.
By Al Lowman
The Rediscovery of the Tiguas: Federal Recognition and Indianness in the Twentieth Century.
By Jeffrey M. Schulze
"An Enemy Closer to Us Than Any European Power": The Impact of Mexico on Texan Public Opinion before World War I.
By Patrick L. Cox
Notes and Documents
"They Contributed Very Much to the Success of Our Colony": A NewSource on Early Relations between Germans and Indians at Fredericksburg, Texas.
By Brian J. Boeck
A Texan Records the Civil War Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi: TheJournal of Maj. Maurice Kavanaugh SIMONS, 1863.
By Douglas Lee Braudaway
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Bill Morgan, Old Friends: Great Texas Courthouses.
Robert E. Veselka, The Courthouse Square in Texas.

By James Steely
David Wharton, The Soul of a Small Texas Town: Photographs, Memories, and History from McDade.
By David G. McComb
Margaret Culbertson, Texas Houses Built by the Book: The Use of Published Designs, 1850—1925.
By Bruce Nitzit
Quinta Scott, Along Route 66.
Gordon Echols, Early Texas Architecture.

By Dan K. Utley
Sheryl Smith-Rodgers, Texas Old-Time Restaurants and Cafes.
By Kim Richardson
Sarah C. Sitton, Life at the Texas State Lunatic Asylum, 1857—1997.
By Kristine Boeke
Mavis P. Kelsey Sr., Twentieth-Century Doctor: House Calls to Space Medicine.
By Michelle M. Mears
Dora Schultz Williams, The History and Mystery of the Menger Hotel.
Mark Louis Rybezyk, San Antonio Uncovered.

By Frank W.Jennings
William H. Wilson, Hamilton Park: A Planned Black Community in Dallas.
By Char Miller
Ernest Obadele-Starks, Black Unionism in the Industrial South.
By Dwight D. Watson
Robert C. Harvey and Gus Arriola, Accidental Ambassador: Gordo.
Patrick M. Reynolds, A Cartoon History of Texas.

By Jack Jackson
Dorcus Baumgartner, William C. Foster, and Jack Jackson, Frontier River: Exploration and Settlement ofthe Colorado River.
By Scott Nelson
Christopher Morris and Steven G. Reinherdt, editors, Southern Writers and Their Worlds.
By Russell H. Goodyear
Edward C. Carter II, editor, Surveying the Record: North American Scientific Exploration to 1930.
By Richard H. Dillon
Max Evans, Hi Lo to Hollywood! A Max Evans Reader.
By Russell H. Goodyear
Elna C. Green, Southern Strategies: Southern Women and the Women Suffrage Question.
By Mary L. Kelley
David Stricklin, A Genealogy of Dissent: Southern Baptist Protest in the Twentieth Century.
By James Lutzweiler
Mark E. Neely Jr., Southern Rights: Political Prisoners and the Myth of Confederate Constitutionalism.
By Alwyn Barr
Kelly F. Himmel, The Conquest of the Karankawas and the Tonkawas, 1821—1859.
By Robert A. Ricklis
Michael L. Tate, The Frontier Army in the Settlement of the West.
By Robert Wooster
Dona Ana Historical Society, editors, The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848.
By Kimberly Breuer
John Solomon Otto, The Final Frontiers, 1880—1930: Settling the Southern Bottomlands.
By Stefanie Decker
Gary W. Gallagher, editor, The Antietam Campaign.
By John Mark Dempsey
Louise Barnett, Ungentlemanly Acts: The Army 's Notorious Incest Trial.
By J'Nell Pate
Paul Reddin, Wild West Shows.
By David Ware
Sharon Hartin Iorio, Faith's Harvest: Mennonite Identity in Northwest Oklahoma.
By Alan J. Watt
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Mystery Artist of the Alamo:Jose Juan Sanchez.
By Jack Jackson and James E. Ivey
"Just As I Have Written It": A Study of the Authenticity of the Manuscript ofJosé Enrique de la Pena's Account of the Texas Campaign.
By David B. Gracy II
"With the Past Let These Be Buried": The 1873 Mob Massacre of the HillFamily in Springtown, Texas.
By Helen McLure
Notes and Documents
"I Have Been Worse Treated Than Any Officer": Confederate Colonel Thomas Green's Assessment of the NewMexico Campaign.
Edited by Curtis W. Milbourn
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Joseph P. Sanchez, Explorers, Traders, and Slavers: Forging the Old Spanish Trail, 1678—1850.
By R. J. Gilmour
Allen G. Hatley, The Indian Wars in Stephen F. Austin 's Texas Colony, 1822—1835.
By Brian DeLay
J. R. Edmondson, The Alamo Story:From Early History to Current Conflicts.
By Kevin R. Young
Gary Brown, Hesitant Martyr of the Texas Revolution: James Walker Fannin.
By Kevin R. Young
Will Fowler, Tornel and Santa Anna: The Writer and the Caudillo, Mexico, 1795-1853.
By Andres Resendez
Richard V. Francaviglia and Douglas W. Richmond, editors, Dueling Eagles: Reinterpreting the U.S.-Mexican War, 1846—1848.
By Richard Griswold del Castillo
Jeff Kinard, Lafayette of the South: Prince Camille de Polignac and the American Civil War.
By Daniel P. Barr
Jerry Thompson, editor, Texas and New Mexico on the Eve of the Civil War: The Mansfield and Johnston Inspections, 1859—1861.
By John Porter Bloom
Robert J. Robertson, Her Majesty's Texans: Two English Immigrants in Reconstruction Texas.
By Kenneth Wayne Howell
Rod Andrew Jr., Long Gray Lines: The Southern Military School Tradition, 1839—1915.
By Bruce Ashcroft
Laurie A. Wilkie, Creating Freedom: Material Culture and African American Identity at Oakley Plantation, Louisiana, 1840—1950.
By Rebecca Sharpless
Monroe Lee Billington and Roger D. Hardaway, editors, African Americans on the Western Frontier.
By Cary Wintz
William Henry Kellar, Make Haste Slowly:Moderates, Conservatives, and School Desegregation in Houston.
By Amilcar Shabazz
Bruce A. Glasrud and Laurie Champion, Exploring the Afro-Texas Experience: A Bibliography of Secondary Sources About Black Texans.
By James Smallwood
Elizabeth York Enstam, Women and the Creation of Urban Life: Dallas, Texas, 1843—1920.
By Tara Neal
Janet Coryell, Thomas H. Appleton Jr., Anastatia Sims, and Sandra Gioia Treadway, editors, Negotiating Boundaries of Southern Womanhood: Dealing with the Powers That Be.
By Marilyn Dell Brady
Paul N. Spellman, Spindletop Boom Days.
Christine Moor Sanders, Spindletop: The Untold Story . . .

By Diana Davids Olien
Lewis F. Fisher, Balcones Heights: A Crossroads of San Antonio.
By George Slaughter
Mary King Rodge, Where the Creosote Blooms.
By Raye Virginia Allen
John R. Wunder, Frances W. Kaye, and Vernon Carstensen, editors, Americans View Their Dust BowlExperience.
By Frederick W. Rathjen
Patrick M. McConal, Over the Wall: The Men Behind the 1934 Death House Escape.
By Barry A. Crouch
Jerry Flemmons, Amon: The Texan Who Played Cowboy for America.
By Kent Calder
Paula L. Grauer and Michael R. Grauer, compilers, Dictionary of Texas Artists, 1800—1945.
By Thomas R. Kailbourn
Joan Carpenter Troccoli, Painters and the American West. The Anschutz Collection.
By Francine Carraro
Francis Edward Abernethy, The Texas Folklore Society 1971—2000.Volume III.
By Al Lowman

Issue 3

Curtains for Jim Crow: Law, Race, and the Texas Railroads.
By William S. Osborn
Jacksonian Justice: The Evolution of the Elective Judiciary in Texas, 1836-1850.
By Chris Klemme
Notes and Documents
Identity Crisis: Just Who Did James W. Fannin Jr. Think He Was?
By Robert A. Burns
"Wir waren unser 20 Mann gegen 150" ("We were 20 men against 150") the battle of Las Rucias: A Civil War Letter from a German- Texan Soldier in the 1864 Union Invasion of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.
Edited by Frank Wilson Kiel .
"The Story of Texas"? The Texas State History Museum and Forgetting and Remembering the Past.
By Walter L. Buenger
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Walter L. Buenger, The Path to a Modern South: Northeast Texas Between Reconstruction and the Great Depression.
By W. Kirk Wood
Thad Sitton and Dan K. Utley, From Can See to Can't: Texas Cotton Farmers on the Southern Prairies.
By T. Lindsay Baker
Julie Leininger Pycior, LBJ and Mexican Americans: The Paradox of Power.
By Cynthia E. Orozco
Lewis L. Gould, Lady Bird Johnson: Our Environmental First Lady.
By Mary L. Kelley
Barrie Scardino and Drexel Turner, Clayton's Galveston: The Architecture of Nicholas J. Clayton and His Contemporaries.
By Patrick James
John Anthony Moretta, William Pitt Ballinger: Texas Lawyer, Southern Statesman, 1825—1888.
By Brian R. Dirck
Linda Wolff, Indianola and Matagorda Island, 1837—1887.
By Larry Knight
Jacques D. Bagur, A History of Navigation on Cypress Bayou and the Lakes.
By Archie P. McDonald
Thad Sitton, The Texas Sheriff: Lord of the County Line.
By Dick Diamond
Douglas Lee Braudaway, Images of America; Railroads of Western Texas: San Antonio to El Paso.
By Jack Rhodes
Darwin Payne and Kathy Fitzpatrick, From Prairie to Planes: How Dallas and Fort Worth Overcame Politics and Personalities to Build One of the World's Busiest Airports.
By Pat Gower
Tara Copp and Robert L. Rogers, The Daily Texan: The First 100 Years.
By Paul M. Lucko
Donald E. Chipman and Harriett Denise Joseph, Notable Men and Women of Spanish Texas.
By Scott Nelson
Gary Clayton Anderson, The Indian Southwest, 1580—1830: Ethnogenesis and Reinvention.
By F. Todd Smith
Don D. Fowler, A Laboratory for Anthropology: Science and Romanticism in the American Southwest, 1846—1930.
By Daniel Herman
Jose Rabasa, Writing Violence on the Northern Frontier: The Historiography of Sixteenth-Century New Mexico and Florida and the Legacy of Conquest.
By Robert H.Jackson
Wayne R. Kime, editor, The Indian Territory Journals of Colonel Richard Irving Dodge.
By Daniel E. Crowe
Ross Frank, From Settler to Citizen: New Mexican Economic Development and the Creation of Vecino Society.
By Steven W. Hackel
Aimer N. Blazer, Santana: War Chief of the Mescalero Apache.
By James A. Wilson
Murray R. Wickett, Contested Territory: Whites, Native Americans and African Americans in Oklahoma, 1865—1907.
By Paul T. Hietter
Richard Melzer, Coming of Age in the Great Depression: The Civilian Conservation Corps Experience in New Mexico, 1933—1942.
By Robert W. Galler Jr.
Ernesto B. Vigil, The Crusade for Justice: Chicano Militancy and the Government's War on Dissent.
By J. Gilberto Quezada
Arthur B. Carter, The Tarnished Cavalier: Major General Earl VanDorn, C.S.A.
By Thomas D. Mays
Brian Huberman, Edward Hugetz, and Cynthia Ann Lost Howling Wolf, producers, The De La Pena Diary: A Memoir of an Officer of Santa Anna Including the Death of Davey Crockett.
By Glen Ely

Issue 4

Winfield Scott's Army of Occupation as Pioneer Alpinists: Epic Ascents of Popocatepetl and Citlaltepetl.
By Jerry Thompson
Congressman Albert Thomas and NASA's Coming to Houston: A Study in Legislative Effectiveness, 1936—1966.
ByFrancelle Pruitt
Mexican Americans of South Texas Football: The Athletic and Coaching Careers of E. C. Lerma and Bobby Cavazos, 1932—1965.
By Jorge lber
The Great Gallia: Texas's Melvin "Bert" Gallia and Ethnicity in Major League Baseball.
By Stephen Chicoine
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Morris S. Arnold, The Rumble of a Distant Drum: The Quapaws and Old World Newcomers, 1673—1804.
By Elizabeth A. H. John
Robert S. Weddle, The Wreck of the Belle, The Ruin of La Salle.
By Paul E. Hoffman
Bertram Wyatt-Brown, The Shaping of Southern Culture: Honor, Grace, and War, 1760s—1880s.
By Daniel E. Sutherland
Char Miller, editor, Fluid Arguments: Five Centuries of Western Water Conflict.
By Abraham Hoffman
Ty Gashion and Jesus F. de la Teja, editors, The Human Tradition in Texas.
By Alwyn Barr
Howard Meredith, A Short History of the Native Americans in the United States.
By David R. Wilson
Wolfram M. Von-Maszewski, translator and editor, Voyage to North America, 1844—45: Prince Carl of Solms's Texas Diary of People, Places, and Events.
By Jane Manaster
Thomas M. Leonard, James K. Polk: A Clear and Unquestionable Destiny.
By Charles E. Brooks
Tom Dunlay, Kit Carson and the Indians.
By R. Bruce Way
Mark M. Carroll, Homesteads Ungovernable: Families, Sex, Race, and the Law in Frontier Texas, 1823—1860.
By Dedra S. McDonald
John R. DeBruyn and Christine Gilbert, editors, G. T. T. Gone to Texas: Letters from Our Boys (1878—1889).
By John Eipper
Roy and Jo Ann Stamps, compilers, The Letters of John Wesley Hardin.
By Barry A. Crouch
Larry D. Hodge and Michael Stevens, Texas Tales in Words and Music.
By Gary Hartman
Marc Simmons, Spanish Pathways: Readings in the History of Hispanic New Mexico.
By David J. Weber
Manuel G. Gonzales and Cynthia M. Gonzales, editors, En Aquel Entonces: Readings in Mexican-American History.
By Paul Hart
Guadalupe San Miguel Jr., Brown, Not White: School Integration and the Chicano Movement in Houston.
By Thomas H. Kreneck
Chuck Parsons and Marianne E. Hall Little, Captain L. H. McNelly, Texas Ranger: The Life and Times of a Fighting Man.
By Harold J. Weiss Jr.
George Rollie Adams, General William S. Harney: Prince of Dragoons.
By James W. Pohl
Jerry Bryan Lincecum et al., editors, Gideon Lincecum's Sword: Civil War Letters from the Texas Home Front.
By John Mark Dempsey
David Pickering and Judy Falls, Brush Men and Vigilantes: Civil War Dissent in Texas.
By Jerry Thompson
Gilles Vandal, Rethinking Southern Violence: Homicides in Post-Civil War Louisiana, 1866—1884.
By Barry A. Crouch
Gregg Cantrell, Feeding the Wolf: John B. Rayner and the Politics of Race.
By Kenneth Wayne Howell
Michael Dennis, Lessons in Progress: State Universities and Progressivism in the New South, 1880—1920.
By James Smallwood
Patricia Bellis Bixel and Elizabeth Hayes Turner, Galveston and the 1900 Storm: Catastrophe and Catalyst.
By Alicia E. Rodriquez
Bryan Woolley et al., Final Destinations: A Travel Guide for Remarkable Cemeteries in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.
By T. Lindsay Baker
Mark Busby and Dick Heaberlin, editors, From Texas to the World and Back: Essays on the Journeys ofKatherine Anne Porter.
By Robert Ely
Fellows and Special Members of the Association