SHQ Online Vol 104

07/2000 - 04/2001

Issue 1

Redrawing the Southwestern Boundary, 1891-1896.
By Joseph Richard Werne
Fighting for the Confederacy: The White Male Population of Harrison County in the Civil War.
By Randolph B. Campbell
"The Trial of a Juror": The Memoir of Max Causey, Foreman of the Jack Ruby Trial Jury.
By John Mark Dempsey
Battle or Massacre?: The Incident on the Nueces, August 10, 1862.
By Stanley S. McGowen
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Gerald D.Nash, The Federal Landscape: An Economic History of the Twentieth Century.
By Dale Sterling
James E. Sherow, editor, A Sense of the American West: An Environmental History Anthology.
By Sandra K.Mathews-Lamb
Dan Flores, Horizontal Yellow: Nature and History in the Near Southwest.
By Thomas J. Harvey
Alden Hayes, A Portal to Paradise: 11,537 years, More or Less, on the northeast slope of the Chiricahua Mountains. ...
By James A.Wilson
John D. McDermott, A Guide to the Indian Wars of the West.
By H. Henrietta Stockel
Etta Koch with June Cooper Price, Lizards on the Mantel, Burro at the Door: A Big Bend Memoir.
By Marilyn Brady
Allen G. Hatley, Texas Constables: A Frontier Heritage.
By Harold J. Weiss Jr.
Margaret Swett Henson, Lorenzo de Zavala: The Pragmatic Idealist.
By Stephen L.Hardin
Donald D.Frazier, editor, The United States and Mexico at War: Nineteenth-Century Expansionism and Conflict.
By James W. Pohl
Carol and Thomas Christensen, The U.S.-Mexican War (1846-1848).
By Glen Ely
Charles D. Spurlin, Texas Volunteers in the Mexican War.
By Harold J. Weiss Jr.
Bob Scott, Leander McNelly, Texas Ranger: He Just Kept on Keepin' On.
By Harold J. Weiss Jr.
Richard Lowe, editor, A Texas Cavalry Officer's Civil War: The Diary and Letters of James C. Bates
By Brian R. Dirck
Ralph Wooster, Jerry Don Thompson, Mike Campbell, et al., analysis, The Home Front: Life in Texas during the Civil War. Video.
By JoDee Dyreson
John S. D.Eisenhower, Agent of Destiny: TheLife and Times of General Winfield Scott.
Timothy D.Johnson, Winfield Scott: The Quest for Military Glory.

By Sam W. Haynes
Don E. Alberts, The Battle of Glorieta: Union Victory in the West.
Thomas S. Edrington and John Taylor, The Battle of Glorieta Pass: A Gettysburg in the West, March 26—28, 1862.

By Ralph A.Wooster
Merline Pitre, In Struggle Against Jim Crow: Lula B. White and the NAACP, 1900—1957.
By Dwight David Watson
V. R. Cardozier, University of Texas of the Permian Basin: A History.
By Gene Preuss
Robert M. Fairbanks, For the City as a Whole: Planning, Politics, and the Public Interest in Dallas, Texas, 1900—1965.
By David G. McComb
Paula Oates, editor, Celebrating 150 Years: The Pictorial History of Fort Worth, Texas, 1849— 1999.
By Martin Margulis
Harry P. Noble Jr., Texas Trailblazers: San Augustine Pioneers.
By Carter Cook
Joseph A. Strapac, Cotton Belt Locomotives.
Donovan L. Hofsommer, Katy Northwest: The Story of a Branch Line Railroad.

By Kregg M. Fehr
Daniel B. Lancaster, The Bagbys of Brazil: The Life and Work of William Buck Bagby and Anne Luther Bagby, Southern Baptist Missionaries.
By Kathryn Thompson Presley
Richard W. Etulain and Jeronima Echeverría, editors, Portraits of Basques in the New World.
By Jane Manaster
Clinton Machann, editor, Czech Americans in Transition.
By Barbara Rozeck
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Garnering Votes for "Cactus Jack": John Nance Garner, Franklin D.Roosevelt, and the 1932 Democratic Nomination for President
By Norman D.Brown
River Oaks: 1920s Suburban Planning and Development in Houston
By Cheryl Caldwell Ferguson
A Matter of Character: Stephen F. Austin and the "Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony inTexas"
By Gregg Cantrell
Notes and Documents
Using Government Documents: The Food Administration Papers for Texas
By Cynthia Brandimarte
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Rolena Adorno and Patrick Charles Pautz, Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca: His Account, His Life, and the Expedition of Panfilo de Narváez.
By J. Gilberto Quezada.
Jack Jackson, Shooting the Sun: Cartographic Results of Military Activitiesin Texas, 1689—1829 (vols. 1 &2).
By Gerald D.Saxon
Arséne LaCarriére Latour, Historical Memoir of the War in West Florida and Louisiana in1814—15, with an Atlas.
By David E. Narrett
Stanley S. McGowen, Horse Sweat and Powder Smoke: The First Texas Cavalry in the Civil War.
By Samuel Watson
Richard W. Bricker, Wooden Ships from Texas: A World War I Saga.
By Betty Hamilton
Friedrich Katz, The Life and Times of Pancho Villa.
By Paul Hart
Ralph Adam Smith, Borderlander: The Life of James Kirker, 1793-1852.
By Steven M.Fountain
J. Anthony Lukas, Big Trouble: A Murder in a Small Western Town Sets Off a Struggle for the Soul of America.
By Bradley J. Birzer
Allan O. Kownslar, Texas Iconoclast: Maury Maverick, Jr.
By L.Patrick Hughes
Anne Fears Crawford, Frankie: Mrs.R D. Randolph and Texas Liberal Politics.
By James Cousar 318
Ignacio M. García, Viva Kennedy: Mexican Americans in Search of Camelot.
By J. Gilberto Quezada
Scott Cook, Mexican Brick Culture in the Building of Texas, 1800s—1900s.
By Valeric M. Mendoza
Linda Gordon, The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction.
By Patricia Loughlin
W. H. Timmons, James Wiley Magoffin: Don Santiago, El Paso Pioneer.
By Andrew Graybill
Barbara Funkhouser, The Caregivers: El Paso 's Medical History, 1898-1998.
By Patricia K. Benoit
Walter Lee Brown, A Life of Albert Pike.
By Daniel D. Liestmon
Paul N. Spellman, Forgotten Texas Leader: Hugh McLeod and the Texan Santa Fe Expedition.
By Linda S. Hudson
Jane Gracy Bedichek, The Roy Bedichek Family Letters.
By June Walters
Hollace Ava Weiner, Jewish Stars in Texas: Rabbis and Their Work.
By Harriett Denise Joseph
Clyde McQueen, Black Churches in Texas: A Guide to Historic Congregations.
By James M. Smallwood
Anne Fears Crawford and Crystal Sasse Ragsdale, Texas Women: Frontier to Future.
By Judith N. McArthur

Issue 3

"The Battles of Texas will be Fought in Louisiana": The Assault ofFort Butler,June 28, 1863.
By Donald S. Frazier
Camp Groce, Texas: A Confederate Prison.
By Brad Clampitt
Fighting Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Mexico: Popular Protest against Diplomatic Decisions.
By John Ledbetter
A Wholesome Life: Ima Hogg's Vision for Mental Health Care.
By Kate S. Kirkland
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Thomas T. Smith, The U.S. Army and the Texas Frontier Economy, 1845—1900.
By Robert Wooster
Kenneth B. Ragsdale, Big Bend Country: Land of the Unexpected.
By Fred MacVaugh
Félix D. Almaráz Jr., Knight Without Armor: Carlos Eduardo Castañeda, 1896—1958.
By Light Townsend Cummins
Rebecca Sharpless, Fertile Ground, Narrow Choices: Women on Texas Cotton Farms, 1900—1940.
By Thad Sitton
Tim J. and Terry S. Todish, Alamo Sourcebook 1836.
William R. Chemerka, Alamo Almanac and Book of Lists.
Ron Jackson, Alamo Legacy: Alamo Descendants Remember the Alamo.

By Frank W. Jennings
T. Lindsay Baker, editor, North American Windmill Manufacturers' Trade Literature: A Descriptive Guide.
By Cameron L. Saffell
Steven A. LeBlanc, Prehistoric Warfare in the American Southwest.
By Stephen P. Van Hoak
Gene Clanton, Congressional Populism and the Crisis of the 1890s.
By Irvin M. May Jr.
Nancy Baker Jones and Ruthe Winegarten, Capitol Women: Texas Female Legislators, 1923—1999.
By Tai Kreidler
J'Nell Pate, Hazel Vaughn Leigh and the Fort Worth Boys' Club.
By Stefanie Lee Decker
Patrick Dearen, Crossing Rio Pecos.
Patrick Dearen, The Last of the Old-Time Cowboys.

By Watson C. Arnold
James Smallwood, The History of Smith County, Texas, Born in Dixie: Smith County Origins to 1875.
James Smallwood, The History of Smith County, Texas, Born in Dixie: Smith County from 1875 to Its Centennial Year.

By Carter Cook
Mike Cochran and John Lumpkin, West Texas: A Portrait of Its People and Their Raw and Wondrous Land.
By John Glen
Roger M. Olien and Diana Davids Olien, Oil and Ideology: The Cultural Creation of the American Petroleum Industry.
By Page S. Foshee
Stephen L. Moore, Taming Texas: Captain William T. Sadler's Lone Star Service.
By Johnny D. Boggs
Dick Steward, Frontier Swashbuckler: The Life and Legend of John Smith T.
By David E. Narrett
Mike Cox, Stand-Off in Texas: "Just Call Me a Spokesman for DPS."
By Patrick Cox
John H.Monnett, Massacre at Cheyenne Hole: Lieutenant Austin Henely and the Sappa Creek Controversy.
By Thomas R. Maddux
Robert Louis Paquette and Louis A.Ferleger, editors, Slavery, Secession, and Southern History.
By Randolph B. Campbell
Lisa Waller Rogers, Angel of the Alamo: A True Story of Texas.
By Dora Elizondo Guerra
Michael Lieder and Jake Page, Wild Justice: The People of Geronimo vs. the United States.
By Daniel E. Crowe
Walter Nugent and Martin Ridge, editors, The American West: The Reader.
By James R. Nicholl
Wallace Ohrt, Defiant Peacemaker: Nicholas Trist in the Mexican War.
By Kimberly Henke Breuer

Issue 4

Bell Cord Rutherford: Cowboy Quixote of the West Texas Plains; or, Some Shards from Our Storytelling Past.
By Al Lowman
The Two Captivities of Adolph Korn.
By Scott Zesch
Spanish Laws for Texas Women: The Development of Marital Property Law to 1850.
By Jean Stuntz
Notes and Documents
Governing Texas, 1779: The Karankawa Aspect. Edited by Elizabeth A. H. John. Translated by John Wheat
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Emily Ballew Neff with Wynne H.Phelan, Frederic Remington: TheHogg Brothers Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts.
Brian W. Dippie, West-Fever.

By Ron Tyler
Peter H.Hassrick, The American West: Out of Myth, Into Reality.
Melissa Baldridge, editor, Visions of the West.

By William H. Goetzmann
Patricia Bellis Bixel, Sailing Ship Elissa.
By Richard V. Francaviglia
Joe Wreford Hipp, The Oldest Ranch in Texas: Rancho de la Purisima Concepción. A Ranch on the Road to History.
By Anne Fox
Sam W. Haynes and Christopher Morris, editors, Manifest Destiny and Empire: American Antebellum Expansionism.
By Paula Marks
Paul H. Bergeron, editor, The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Volume 16, May 1869-July 1875
By Randolph B. Campbell
Mona D.Sizer, Texas Heroes: A Dynasty of Courage.
By Andrew Graybill
Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith, Frontier Children.
By Tom Harvey
Bonnie G. McEwan, editor, Indians of the Greater Southeast-Historical Archaeology and Ethnohistory.
By Timothy K. Pertulla
Gary W. Gallagher, The Confederate War.
By Alwyn Barr
Don Woodward, Black Diamonds! Black Gold! The Saga of Texas Pacific Coal and Oil Company.
By George N. Green
Thomas C. Jepsen, Ma Kiley: The Life of a Railroad Telegrapher.
By Marilyn D. Rhinehart
Sandra Gail Teichmann, Woman of the Plains: The Journals and Stories of Nellie M. Perry.
By JoAnn Pospisil
Anne M.Butler, Gendered Justice in the American West: Women Prisoners in Men's Penitentiaries.
By Sandra D. Harvey
Michele Gillespie and Catherine Clinton, editors, Taking Off the White Gloves: Southern Women and Women Historians.
By Jessie Embry
Judith N. McArthur, Creating the New Woman: The Rise of Southern Women's Progressive Culture in Texas, 1893—1918.
Jacquelyn Masur McElhaney, Pauline Periwinkle and Progressive Reform in Dallas.

By Marilyn Dell Brady
Lewis F. Fisher, The Spanish Missions of San Antonio.
By Rosalind Z. Rock
Ellen McCracken, editor, Fray Angélico Chavez: Poet, Priest, and Artist.
By Robert E. Wright
José Angel Gutiérrez, The Making of a Chicano Militant.
By Anthony Quiroz
Franklin C. Williams Jr., Lone Star Bishops: The Roman Catholic Hierarchy in Texas.
By Elizabeth Makowski
Jorge Iber, Hispanics in the Mormon Zion, 1912—1999.
By Kirn Richardson
E. B. Hogan, The Last Buffalo: Walter E. Potts and the 92nd "Buffalo" Division in World War I.
By Samuel Watson
Kenneth William Townsend, World War II and the American Indian.
By Stephen P. Van Hoak
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