SHQ Online Vol 102

07/1998 - 04/1999

Issue 1

Understanding Lorenzo de Zavala: Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence.
By Margaret Swett Henson
A Cache of Cannons: La Salle s Colony in Texas.
By Curtis Tunnell
The Lone Star State Surrenders to a Lone Woman": Frances Willard's Forgotten 1882 Texas Temperance Tour.
By James D. Ivy
Notes and Documents
The Boy and the Ranch in 1938: A Reminiscence.
By Robert B.Giles Jr.
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Christopher Vecsey, On the Padres' Trail.
By Light Townsend Cummins
Luis Torres, Voices from the San Antonio Missions.
By Timothy M. Matovina
F. Chris Garcia, editor, Pursuing Power: Latinos and the Political System.
By Julie Leininger Pycior
Oscar J. Martinez, Border People: Life and Society in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands.
By DanielMitchell
Emmett M.Essin, Shavetails and Bell Sharps: The History of the U.S. ArmyMule.
By Ben E. Pingenot
Thomas W. Cutrer and T. Michael Parrish, editors, Brothers in Gray: The CivilWar Letters ofthe Pierson Family.
By Max S. Lale
Andrew Sansom, Photographs by Wyman Meinzer, Texas Past: Enduring Legacy.
By Miguel López Trujillo
David M. Wrobel and Michael C. Steiner, editors, Many Wests: Place, Culture, and Regional Identity.
By Harold J. Weiss Jr.
James D. Horan, Desperate Men: The James Gang and the Wild Bunch.
By Jesse Sublett
Stephen J. May, Zane Grey: Romancing the West.
By J. Kent Calder
Sylvia Ann Gnder and Lou Halsell Rodenberger, editors, Texas Women Writers: A Tradition ofT heir Own.
By Marilyn McAdams Sibley
Helen Bradley Foster, New Raiments of Self: African American Clothing inthe Antebellum South.
By Jodella K.Dyreson
Luther Bryan Clegg, editor, The Empty Schoolhouse: Memories of One-Room Texas Schools.
By Thad Sitton
Jerry L.Rodnitzky and Shirley R.Rodnitzky, Jazz Age Boomtown.
By Jack Rhodes
Exhibition Reviews
"Imagining the Open Range: Erwin E. Smith, Cowboy Photographer."
By Gary N. Smith
"La Belle: The Mystery of La Salle inthe Gulf."
By William C. Foster
Affairs ofthe Association

Issue 2

The First Congressman Martin Dies of Texas.
By Dennis K. McDaniel
The Old Dallas Burial Ground: A Forgotten Cemetery.
By James M.Davidson
George Perry's War.
By Garna L.Christian
Notes and Documents
From Commerce to History: Robert Runyon's Postcards of the LowerRio Grande Valley and Brownsville, 1910—1926.
By LindaPeterson
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Charles M.Haecker and Jeffrey G. Mauck, On the Prairie of Palo Alto: Historical Archaeology of the U.S.-Mexican War Battlefield.
By John W. Clark Jr.
Josefina Zoraida Vázquez, La intervención norteamericana, 1846-1848.
By Jesús F. de la Teja
Edward H. Moseley and Paul C. Clark Jr., Historical Dictionary of the United States-Mexican War.
By James W.Pohl
Jerry Thompson, A Wild and Vivid Land: An Illustrated History of the South Texas Border.
By José Roberto Juárez
Peter Lester Reich, Mexico's Hidden Revolution: The Catholic Church in Law and Politics since 1929.
By Patrick Foley
Jesús F. de laTeja, editor, Preparing the Way: Preliminary Studies of the Texas Catholic Historical Society I.
By Jack Jackson
Robert G. Hays, New York Times Editorials on "the IndianProblem,"1860—1900.
By Jorge lber
Jonathan B. Hook, The Alabama-Coushatta Indians.
By David B. Adams
Neil Foley, The White Scourge: Mexicans, Blacks, and Poor Whites in Texas Cotton Culture.
By Gregg Andrews
Vicki L. Ruiz, From Out of the Shadows: Mexican Women in Twentieth-Century America.
By Teresa Palomo Acosta
David C. Humphrey, Austin: A History of the Capital City.
By David G. McComb
Charles M.Hubbard, The Burden of Confederate Diplomacy.
By Norman D. Brown
Carl H.Moneyhon, Arkansas and the New South, 1874— 1929.
By Page S. Foshee
Roger D. Launius, Alexander William Doniphan: Portrait of a Missouri Moderate.
By Clayton E. Jewett
Barry A. Crouch and Donaly E. Brice, Cullen Montgomery Baker: Reconstruction Desperado.
By Daniel E. Sutherland
John Hope Franklin and John Whittington Franklin, editors, MyLife and AnEra: The Autobiography of Buck Colbert Franklin.
By J. Kent Galder
WilliamE. Reaves Jr., Texas Art and a Wildcatter's Dream: Edgar B. Davis and the San Antonio Art League.
By Cecilia Steinfeldt
Jerry Bryan Lincecum, Edward Hake Phillips, and Peggy A. Redshaw, editors, Science on the Texas Frontier: Observations of Dr. Gideon Lincecum.
By Dwight E. Henderson
Bill O'Neal, Historic Ranches of the Old West.
By Watson C. Arnold
Dix Van Dyke, edited byPeter Wild, Daggett: Life in a Mojave Frontier Town.
By Marilyn D. Rhinehart

Issue 3

"Mink and Manure": Rural Gentrification and Cattle Raising in Southeast Texas, 1945-1992.
By Mark Friedberger
Residential Segregation inTwo Early West Texas Towns.
By Paul Wright
Fighting for Texas: Filibuster James Long, the Adams-Onís Treaty, and the Monroe Administration.
By Ed Bradley
Notes and Documents
The Journal of Col. Eduard Harkort, Captain of Engineers, Texas Army, February 8-July 17, 1836
By Louis E. Brister
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
George Nelson, The Alamo: An Illustrated History.
By Adán Benavides Jr.
Lewis F. Fisher, San Antonio: Outpost of Empires
Frank W.Jennings, San Antonio: The Story of an Enchanted City.
By Timothy M. Matovina
Edward T.Gotham Jr., Battle on the Bay: The Civil War Struggle for Galveston.
By Dwight F. Henderson
Elizabeth Hayes Turner, Women, Culture and Community: Religion and Reform in Galveston, 1880—1920.
By Janet Schmelzer
Martha Sue Stroud, Gateway to Texas: History of Red River County.
By Max S. Lale
Michael V.Hazel, Dallas: A History of "Big D."
By Jackie McElhaney
Joseph W. Kutchin, How Mitchell Energy & Development Corp. Got Its Start and How It Grew: An Oral History and Narrative Review.
By George Green
John Logan Allen, editor, North American Exploration Vol. 2— A Continent Defined.
By Richard Francaviglia
Richard Francaviglia, From Sail to Steam: Four Centuries of Texas Maritime History, 1500—1900.
By Robert S. Weddle
David A. White, editor, News of the Plains and Rockies, 1803— 1865; Volume 3, E: Missionaries, Mormons, 1821—1864, F: Indian Agents, Captives, 1832— 1865.
By Jeffrey H. Liles
Lorna Geer Sheppard, An Editor's View of Early Texas: Texas in the Days ofthe Republic as Depicted in The Northern Standard.
By Madge Thornall Roberts
Louis A. Garaviglia and Charles G. Worman, Firearms of the American West, 1803-1865
Louis A. Garaviglia and Charles G. Worman, Firearms of the American West, 1866-1894
By Stephen L. Hardin
R. Douglas Hurt, Nathan Boone and the American Frontier.
By William H. Goetzmann
John Boessenecker, Laiuman: The Life and Times of Harry Morse, 1835—1912.
By Carolyn Waters
MarvinE. Kroeker, Comanches and Mennonites on the Oklahoma Plains: A. J. and Magdalena Becker and the Post Oak Mission.
By Gene B. Preuss
Charles M.Robinson III, Satanta: The Life and Death of a War Chief
By Milton S. Jordan
John David Smith, Black Voices from Reconstruction, 1865—1877.
By Merline Pitre
Bruce A.Glasrud, African Americans in the West: A Bibliography of Secondary Sources.
By Alwyn Barr
Theodore D.Harris, editor, The Memoirs of Henry O. Flipper, First Black Graduate of West Point.
By David Dixon
William J. Weissinger Jr., Attention, Fool! A Crewman of the USS Houston Survives Its Sinking and Japanese Death Camps in Burma.
By L. Patrick Hughes
Nancy Beck Young and Lewis L. Gould, Texas, Her Texas: The Life and Times of Frances Goff.
By Janet Schmelzer

Issue 4

In Pursuit of Herman Ehrenberg: A Research Adventure.
By James E. Crisp
New Perspectives on Texas Germans and the Confederacy.
By Walter D. Kamphoefner
Notes and Documents
The Boesel Letters: Two Texas Germans in Sibley's Brigade. Edited by Terry G. Jordan-Bychkov, Allen R. Branum, and Paula K. Hood, translated by Irma Ohlendorf Schwarz
A German-American Pioneer Remembers: August Hoffmann's Memoir.
Edited by David R. Hoffman
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Suzanne Starling, Land is the Cry! Warren Angus Ferris, Pioneer Texas Surveyor and Founder of Dallas County.
By John Miller Morris
Clifford Hopewell, Remember Goliad: Their Silent Tents.
By Thomas Ricks Lindley
Ronald C. Ellison, Texas and Baptist Sunday Schools, 1829—1996.
By James Lutzweiler
Dede Weldon Casad, Texans of Valor: Military Heroes in the 20th Century.
By James E. Crisp
Lee Winniford, Following Old Fencelines: Tales from Rural Texas.
By Russell Goodyear
Jerry Cooper, The Rise of the National Guard: The Evolution of the American Militia.
By Stephen M.Kerbow
Clare V. McKanna, Homicide, Race, and Justice in the American West, 1880—1920.
By Manuel Callahan
Samuel L. Webb, Two-Party Politics in the One-Party South: Alabama's Hill Country, 1874—1920.
By Tom Wagy
Robin Borglum Carter, Gutzon Borglum: His Life and Work.
By Alan Lessoff
Ward W. Briggs Jr., Soldier and Scholar: Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve and the Civil War.
By Tom Wagy
Catherine Clinton and Michele Gillespie, editors, The Devil's Lane: Sex and Race in the Early South.
By Rebecca Sharpless
William Oates Ragsdale, They Sought a Land: A Settlement in the Arkansas River Valley, 1840—1870.
By Irvin M. May Jr.
Exhibition Reviews
The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, museum exhibits.
By J. C. Martin
The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, archives collection.
By Bill Pugsley
Exhibition Reviews
Fellows and Special Members of the Association