SHQ Online Vol 101

07/1997 - 04/1998

Issue 1

The Big Story: A Journalist Looks at Texas History.
By Bill Moyers

An Image-maker from Texas: Gordon Conway and a New Look for a New Woman.
By Raye Virginia Allen

Choosing Capitals in Antebellum Southern Frontier Constitutions.
By Stephanie D. Moussalli

Notes and Documents
"Let us have 500 good determined Texans": Richard King's Account of the Union Invasion of South Texas, November 12, 1863, to January 20, 1864.
By Bruce S. Cheeseman

Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Bill Wright and E. John Gesick Jr., The Texas Kickapoo: Keepers of Tradition.
By Gene B. Preuss
Rick Hendricks and John P. Wilson, editors, annotaters, and translators, The Navajos in 1705: Rogue Madrid's Campaign Journal.
By Elizabeth A. H. John
J.J. Methvin, Andele, the Mexican-Kiowa Captive: A Story of Real Life Among the Indians.
By Carol A.Libscomb
L. G. Moses, Wild West Shows and Images of American Indians, 1883-1933.
By Philip J. Deloria
Leah Dilworth, Imagining Indians in the Southwest: Persistent Visions of a Primitive Past.
By Donna Eichstaedt
Robert Himmerich y Valencia, The Encomenderos of New Spain, 1521-1555.
By David B. Adams
Pedro Santoni, Mexicans at Arms: Puro Federalists and the Politics of War, 1845-1848.
By José Roberto Juárez
Doris Meyer, Speaking for Themselves: Neomexicano Cultural Identity and the Spanish-Language Press, 1880—1920.
By Richard Griswold del Castillo
The Texas State Capitol: Selected Essays from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly.
By Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr.
Joe Tom Davis, Historic Towns of Texas: Columbus, Gomales, Jefferson.
By Archie P. McDonald
J. K. P. Blackburn, L.B. Giles, and E. S. Dodd, Terry Texas Ranger Trilogy: Terry 's Texas Rangers; Reminiscences of the Terry Rangers; and The Diary of Ephraim Shelby Dodd.
By Charles N.Parsons
Walter Clay Dixson, Richland Crossing: A Portrait of Texas Pioneers.
By Thomas Ricks Lindley
Gunja SenGupta, For God & Mammon: Evangelicals and Entrepreneurs, Masters and Slaves in Territorial Kansas, 1854— 1860.
By Cary D.Wintz
Randy Finley, From Slavery to Uncertain Freedom: The Freedmen's Bureau in Arkansas, 1865—1869.
By Paul A. Cimbala
Frieda Knoblach, The Culture of Wilderness: Agriculture as Colonization in the American West.
By Mark Barringer
Douglas C. Comer, Ritual Ground: Bent's OldFort, World Formation, and the Annexation of the Southwest.
By WilliamH.Goetzmann
C.J. Brown, Cattle on a Thousand Hills: A History of the Cattle Industry in Arkansas.
By James A. Wilson
Charles H. Lange and Carroll L. Riley, Bandelier: The Life and Adventures of Adolf Bandelier, American Archaeologist and Scientist.
By Victor B.Fisher
John Cypher, Bob Kleberg and the King Ranch: A Worldwide Sea of Grass.
By David J. Murrah
John Jameson, The Story of Big Bend National Park.
By Sam Greer
Lewis F. Fisher, Saving San Antonio: The Precarious Preservation of a Heritage.
By Dwayne Jones
Laura Hlavach and Darwin Payne, editors, Reporting the Kennedy Assassination: Journalists Who Were There Recall Their Experiences.
By L. Patrick Hughes
Carolyn Barta, Bill Clements: Texian to His Toenails.
By L. Patrick Hughes
Elizabeth Silverthorne, Legends and Lore of Texas Wildflowers.
By Zoé Kirkpatrick
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

General Taylor's "Astonishing" Map of Northeastern Mexico.
By Jack Jackson
Piñon Pines and the Route of Cabeza de Vaca.
By Donald W. Olson, Marilynn S. Olson, Russell L. Doescher, Lance L.Lambert, David E. Lemke, Angela M. Carl, Ross Johnson, Sandra D. Smith, and Kent H. Trede
Wilbur Sturtevant Nye: Frontier Historian.
By R. Michael Patterson
The Anglo-Texan Society 1953-1979: A Cross-Cultural Alliance.
By Mary Carolyn Hollers George
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Noland Porterfield, Last Cavalier: The Life and Times of John A. Lomax, 1867—1948.
By Jesse Sublett
Ty Cashion, A Texas Frontier: The Clear Fork Country and Fort Griffin, 1849-1887.
By Charles Kenner
Mark L.Gardner, editor and annotator, Brothers on the Santa Fe and Chihuahua Trails: Edward James Glasgow and William Henry Glasgow, 1846-1848.
By Harwood P. Hinton
Patrick Dearen, A Cowboy of the Pecos.
By Ty Cashion
Peter H. Hassrick and Melissa J. Webster, Frederic Remington: A Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings.
By Al Lowman
Ray Miles, King ofthe Wildcatters: The Life and Times of Tom Slick,1883-1930.
By Diana Davids Olien
Clay Reynolds with Marie-Madeleine Schein, A Hundred Years of Heroes: AHistory ofthe Southiuestern Exposition and Livestock Show.
By Ben Procter
David J. Eicher, The Civil War inBooks: An Analytical Bibliography.
By Daniel E. Sutherland
Katherine Brash Jeter, editor, A Man and His Boat: The Civil War Career and Correspondence ofJonathan H. Carter.
By WilliamF. Harlow
T. Lindsay Baker and Julie P. Baker, editors, Till Freedom Cried Out:Memories of Texas Slave Life.
By Elizabeth Silverthorne
Cary D. Wintz, editor, African-American Political Thought, 1890- 1930: Washington, DuBois, Garvey, and Randolph.
By Amilcar Shabazz
Robin Duff Ladino, Desegregating Texas Schools: Eisenhower, Shivers, and the Crisis at Mansfield High.
By Charles Waite
Gerald E. Poyo, editor, Tejano Journey, 1770—1850.
By David B. Adams
Ward S. Albro, To Die on Your Feet: The Life, Times and Writings of Práxedis G. Guerrero.
By ElliottYoung
F. Todd Smith, The Caddos, the Wichitas, and the United States: 1846-1901.
By Carol A. Lipscomb
John C. Ewers, Plains Indian History and Culture: Essays on Continuity and Change.
By Robert A.Ricklis
Thomas E. Sheridan and Nancy J. Parezo, editors, Paths of Life: American Indians of the Southwest and Northern Mexico.
By Sandra Mathews-Lamb

Issue 3

Race, Expansion, and Slavery in Eagle Pass, Texas, 1852.
By William T. Kerrigan
A History of the Cane Belt Branch of the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway Company.
By William S. Osborn
"A Slobbering Lame Thing"? The Semicolon Case Reconsidered.
By Lance A. Cooper
Tios and Tantes: Familial and Political Relationships of Natchitoches and the Spanish Colonial Frontier.
By Patricia R. Lemée
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Juan Bautista Chapa, Texas and Northeastern Mexico, 1630—1090, edited and with an introduction by William C. Foster, translated by Ned Brierley.
By Robert S. Weddle
Del Weniger, The Explorer's Texas, Vol. II: The Animals They Found.
By Steve Comer
Donna Pierce and Marta Weigle, editors, Spanish New Mexico: The Spanish Colonial Arts Society Collection.
By Sam Ratcliffe
Janet M. Neugebauer, Lambshead Legacy: The Ranch Diary of Watt R. Matthews.
By Paul H. Carlson
Philip Ashton Rollins, The Cowboy: An Unconventional History of Civilization on the Old-Time Cattle Range.
By David J. Murrah
Mike Cox, Texas Ranger Tales: Stories That Need Telling.
By Kent Biffle
Paul D. Casdorph, Prince John Magruder: His Life and Campaigns.
By Dan K.Utley
David A.Williams, Bricks Without Straw: A Comprehensive History of African Americans in Texas.
By Cary D.Wintz
Sherrie S. McLeRoy, Black Land, Red River: A Pictorial History of Grayson County, Texas.
Charla Jones, editor and compiler, The Cradle of Texas: A Pictorial History of San Augustine County.
Monty and Michelle Mohon, Gillespie County: A View of Its Past.
Archie P. McDonald, Nacogdoches, Texas: A Pictorial History.

By David G. McComb
Sally Zanjani, A Mine of Her Own: Women Prospectors in the American West, 1850— 1950.
By Judy Alter
Lori A.Cox-Paul and James W. Wengert, compilers and annotators, A Frontier Army Christmas.
By Robert Wooster
Minetta Altgelt Goyne, Tales from the Sunday House.
By Crystal Sasse Ragsdale
Gary M.Lavergne, A Sniper in the Tower: The Charles Whitman Murders.
By John H. Slate
Ron Tyler, editor, Prints and Print-makers of Texas: The Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual North American Print Conference.
By Becky Duval Reese
Frank E. Vandiver, Shadows of Vietnam: Lyndon Johnson's Wars.
By Evan Anders

Issue 4

In the Absence of Scarcity: The Civil War Prosperity of Houston, Texas.
By Paul A. Levengood
From Biracial to Segregated Churches: Black and White Protestants in Houston, Texas, 1840-1870.
By Charles A. Israel
For All Houston's Children: Ima Hogg and the Board of Education, 1943-1949.
By Kate S. Kirkland
No Gold Watch for Jim Crow's Retirement: The Abolition of Segregated Unionism at Houston's Hughes Tool Company.
By Michael Botson
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Charles W. Polzer, S. J., and Thomas E. Sheridan, editors, The Presidio and Militiaon the Northern Frontier of New Spain, Vol. 11, Part I: The Californias and Sinaloa-Sonora, 1700-1765.
Diana Hadley, Thomas H. Naylor, and Mardith X Schuetz-Miller, editors, The Presidio and Militiaon the Northern Frontier of New Spain, Vol.11, Part II: The Central Corridor and the Texas Corridor, 1700-1765.

By Jack Jackson
Samuel Chamberlain, My Confession: Recollections of a Rogue, annotated and with an introduction by William H. Goetzmann.
By Sam Ratcliffe
Bill Groneman, Eyewitness to the Alamo.
By Paul Andrew Hutton
Natalie Ornish, Ehrenberg: Goliad Survivor—Old West Explorer.
By James E. Crisp
Marion K. Bartheleme, editor, Women in the Texas Populist Movement: Letters to the Southern Mercury.
By Melissa Wiedenfeld
John D.Weaver, The Senator and the Sharecropper's Son: Exoneration of the Brownsville Soldiers.
By Lewis L.Gould
A. L. Vandergriff, Ginning Cotton: An Entrepreneur's Story.
By Karen V. Gerhardt
John Neal Phillips, Running With Bonnie and Clyde: The Ten Fast Years of Ralph Fults.
By Harold J. Weiss Jr.
Lawrence Clayton, Cowboys: Ranch Life Along the Clear Fork of the Brazos River.
By J'Nell L. Pate
Dave Oliphant, Texan Jazz.
By John Wheat
James P. Ronda, editor, Thomas Jefferson and the Changing West: From Conquest to Conservation.
By WilliamH.Goetzmann
Richard Bruce Winders, Mr. Polk s Army: The American Military Experience in the Mexican War.
By James W. Pohl
Elizabeth Jameson and Susan Armitage, editors, Writing the Range: Race, Class, and Culture in the Women 's West.
By Sylvia Grider
Jon Gjerde, The Minds of the West: Ethnocultural Evolution in the Rural Middle West, 1830-1917.
By Hal Rothman
Mark Dugan, The Making of Legends: More True Stories of Frontier America.
By Barry A. Crouch
Gene Fowler, Mystic Healers and Medicine Shoivs: Blazing Trails to Wellness in the Old West and Beyond.
By Joyce Roach
William C. Hams, With Chanty for All:Lincoln and the Restoration of the Union.
By Carl H. Moneyhon
Fellows and Special Members of the Association