SHQ Online Vol 100

07/1996 - 04/1997

Issue 1

Cover: Romance, by Thomas Hart Benton
Photograph: Miriam A. "Ma" Ferguson, ca. 1924
"The Woman of It": Governor Miriam Ferguson's 1924 Election by Shelley Sallee
Racism and Censorship in Cold War Oklahoma: The Case of Ruth W. Brown and the Bartlesville Public Library by Louise S. Robbins
"Throw Aside the Veil of Helplessness": A Southern Feminist at the 1893 World's Fair by Sylvia Hunt
The Courtship Letters of an African American Couple: Race, Gender, Class, and the Cult of True Womanhood by Vicki Howard
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Alamo Remembered
An Immigrant Soldier in the Mexican War
Roemer's Texas

The Diary of Hermann Seele and Seele's Sketches from Texas
Wild River, Timeless Canyons
Texas and Texans in the Civil War
The Union, the Confederacy, and the Atlantic Rim Rebel Brothers
Rebel Private
Fallen Guidon
The Island of California
Great Excavations
Florida Indians and the Invasion from Europe
People of the Sun The Tiguas
Caddo Indians
A Good Year to Die
Black Texas Women
Boer Settlers in the Southwest

Life on a Mexican Ranche
Dancing with the Devil
Force Without Fanfare
Fort Worth's Legendary Landmarks
The Texas Stories of Nelson Algren

Depression Desperado
The Chief Executives of Texas
The New Latin American Mission History

Issue 2

Photograph: Edmund J. Davis
Edmund J. Davis in the Coke-Davis Election Dispute of 1874 by Carl H. Moneyhon
Reluctance versus Reality: The Desegregation of North Texas State College,1954-1956 by Ronald E. Marcello
Notes and Documents
The State of Coahuila y Tejas in 1824: A Governor's View from Saltillo Edited and Translated by Andrés Tijerina and David J. Weber
Abel Morgan and His Account of the Battle of Goliad by Joseph Milton Nance
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Southern Slavery and the Law, 1619-1860
Texas, New Mexico & the Compromise of 1850
Mothers of Invention
Thread of Blood
The Fort That Became a City
Dallas Reconsidered

The Way to the West
Circling Back
Texas Forgotten Ports
Calling Out the Called
Transitions: A Centennial History of The University of Texas at Arlington
Justice Lies in the District; The U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas, 1902-1960

The Lives and Times of Bonnie and Clyde
Profiles in Power
The Fall of the Duke of Duval
Guns or Butter

Issue 3

A Choice of Destiny: Immigration Policy, Slavery, and the Annexation of Texas by David E. Narrett
Figure: "The Marriage of Texas," New Orleans Crescent Daily, ca. 1846
A Texas City and the Texas Myth: Urban Hisotorical Identity in Corpus Christi by Alan Lessoff
Galveston as a Tourist City by David G. McComb
Setting the Record Straight: Fort Worth and the Historians by Richard F. Selcer
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
On the Edge of Empire
Slave Trading in the Old South
The Personal Correspondence of Sam Houston
The Frontiers of Women's Writing
Trading in Santa Fe
Confederate Pathway to the Pacific
Hands to the Spindle
A Texas Pioneer Teacher
I Am Annie Mac Black Texas Women
Daughter of the Regiment
Five Years a Cavalryman
One Dies, Get Another

Wisdom Sits in Places
The Rebel: Leonor Villegas de Magnón
New Westers
Reclaiming the Arid West
John Wesley Hardin
Wild Rose
The Bay Shrimpers of Texas

Issue 4

Billy Cowart: Engineer by Cissy Stewart Lale
Photograph: Billy Cowart with his Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe locomotive at the passenger depot in Cleburne, 1902
Trading across the Border by Jorge A. Hernandez
To Meet Fire with Fire by I. Patrick Hughes
The Antebellum Texas Cattle Trade across the Gulf of Mexico by David G. Surdam
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Black Texans
1996-1997 Texas Almanac CD-ROM
The Shape of Texas
Imaginary Kingdom
Before Rebellion
The Farias Chronicles
Jean Laffite, Prince of Pirates

The Old Trail to Santa Fe
Comanche Political History
The Black Seminoles
Discovering the Women in Slavery
Red River Women
Germans and Texans
The March to Monterrey

Lee the Soldier Chancellorsville
Mace Bowman
Remaking the Agrarian Dream
Texas Oil, American Dreams
Dallas: The Making of a Modern City
Collective Heart
Ernie Pyle in the American Southwest
Judge Roy Bean Country
Tom Lea
Hearts, Helicopters and Houston
Back Matter