SHQ Online Vol 099

07/1995 - 04/1996

Issue 1

Cover: Presbyterian, Methodist, and Baptist Churches, Houston, Texas, March 20,1852 by Thomas Flintoff
Map: Peach point-Brazoria area, drawn by Thomas H. Borden in December 1832
The Partnership of Stephen F. Austin and Joseph H. Hawkins by Gregg Cantrell
The Meaning of Participation: White Protestant Women in Antebellum Houston Churches by Angela Boswell
Johann von Racknitz: German Empresario and Soldier of Fortune in Texas and Mexico, 1832-1848 by Louis E. Brister
(Gun) Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: A Revisionist Look at 'Violent' Fort Griffin by Ty Cashion
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Flags along the Coast
Tejanos and Texas under the Mexican Flag, 1821-1836
Mexican Americans and the Catholic Church, 1900-1965
Adventures of a Frontier Naturalist
Noble Brutes
900 Miles on the Butterfield Trail
Marauders of the Indian Nations
Graveyard of the West
John Hittson
Windmills, Drouths, and Cottonseed Cake
Personal Civil War Letters of General Lawrence Sullivan Ross
The Papers of Andrew Johnson
Milton Brown and the Founding of Western Swing
The Texas Folklore Society, 1943-1971

Big D
Nina Otero-Warren of Santa Fe

Issue 2

Map: Texas and the Southwest
Land, Climate, and Settlement on the Texas Frontier by Myron P. Gutmann and Christie G. Sample
Sibley's Texans and the Battle of Galveston by Donald S. Frazier
Notes and Documents
A "Spirited Account" of the Battle of Galveston, January 1, 1863 Edited by Edward B. Williams
The History of Texas Business A Selected Bibliography by Larry S. Milner
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Prints of the West
North American Indian Anthropology
Rio del Norte
The Domínguez-Escalante Journal
Hispanic Catholic Culture in the U.S.
Labor and Community
Growing Up Western
When I Was Just Your Age
Essays on the Changing Images of the Southwest
Documents of Texas History
Texas Studies 1994
Arkansas Odyssey
Daughters of Canaan
The War in Kentucky
The Confederados: Old South Immigrants in Brazil
Hero of Beecher Island
Foo: A Japanese-American Prisoner of the Rising Sun
John Larn
Pasadena: The Early Years

Issue 3

Photograph: Mercedes Peña Lane, known as 'Mother Lane'
"Mother Lane" and the "New Mooners": An Expression of Curanderismo by Leslie Gene Hunter and Cecilia Aros Hunter
Models of Migration: The Historiography of the Irish Pioneers in South Texas by Graham Davis
Notes and Documents
The Texas Travel Diary of Henry H. Field, 1853 by Terry G. Jordan and Alyson L. Greiner
The History of Texas Business: A Selected Bibliography by Larry S. Milner
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Civil War Memories of Elizabeth Bacon Custer
Longstreet's Aide
Black Soldiers in Jim Crow Texas, 1899-1917
The Osage
Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock Tipi Rings
To the Royal Crown Restored
The Red Captain
San Antonio de Béxar
Roots of Chicano Politics, 1600-1940
A Contest of Faiths
Race and Labor in Western Copper

Politics in the Postwar American West
Colony and Empire Quest for the Golden Circle
My Kind of Heroes
Age of the Gunfighter
Rogers Hornsby
The Texas Rangers
Desegregating Schools in Dallas
Torpedoes in the Gulf
The Chow Dipper

Issue 4

Texas Governor Manuel Salcedo and the Court-Martial of Padre Miguel Hidalgo, 1810-1811 by Feliz D. Almaráz Jr.
Figure: Governor Manuel Salcedo (left) and Peter Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla, by José Cisneros, 1996
Manifest Destiny and Military Professionalism: Junior U.S. Army Officers' Attitudes towards War with Mexico, 1844–1846 by Samuel J. Watson
U.S. Army Combat Operations in the Indian Wars of Texas, 1849-1881 by Thomas T. Smith
Notes and Documents
Ghost Writers of the Palo Duro by W. G. Tudor
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Tejano Religion and Ethnicity
General M. G. Vallejo and the Advent of the Americans
Jerry Bywaters
The Caddo Indians
Blood and Treasure
Women in Early Texas
Miriam, the Southern Belle Who Became the First Woman Governor of Texas

The Thorny Rose of Texas Claytie and the Lady
From Demagogue to Dixiecrat
The Last Voyage of El Nuevo Constante
Spanish Expeditions into Texas, 1689-1768
The Juan Paez Hurtado Expedition of 1695 The Legal Culture of Northern New Spain, 1700-1810
Changing Tides
Recollections of Western Texas
Larry McMurtry and the West Katherine Anne Porter
Comanche Midnight
Sacred Violence
Cinderella of the New South
America at War

Texian Iliad
Texas Boundaries
Border Cuates
Hurst, Euless, Bedford
Picturing Texas
Affairs of the Association
Back Matter