SHQ Online Vol 097

07/1993 - 04/1994

Issue 1

Cover: Company E, Dragoons, Fighting, Buena Vista by Sam Chamberlain, date unknown
The Other Texas: Charities and Community in the Lone Star State by Alwyn Barr
"All the Vile Passions": The Texas Black Code of 1866 by Barry A. Crouch
Chicanery and Intimidation in the 1869 Texas Gubernatorial Race by Dale Baum
Notes and Documents
The Breakthrough Breadboard Feasibility Model: The Development of the First All-Transistor Radio by Paul D. Davis
Texas History: A Checklist of Theses and Dissertations by Marion Travis with Robert Klatte, Kristin Hopkins and Kelly McMichael Stott
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The French Thorn
Spanish Observers and the American Revolution, 1775-1778
Life in Mexico Under Santa Anna, 1822-1855 Mexico y Estados Unidos
The Texas Revolutionary Experience
A Revolution Remembered
Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas
Life of Robert Hall, Indian Fighter and Veteran of Three Great Wars Civilizers The Magnificent Barbarians
Neu-Deutschland in Nordamerika
Forward to the Past!
A Life among the Texas Flora
Gilbert Onderdonk
Bale O'Cotton
A Special Kind of Doctor
Peddlers and Post Traders
The Frontier World of Fort Griffin
Victorian West Class and Culture in Kansas Cattle Towns
History of the Cattlemen of Texas
Cowboy Spurs and Their Makers
O'Neil Ford, Architect
Inside Texas
Regional Studies
Creating the West
The Eagle Bird Under Western Skies
Politics and Public Policy in the Contemporary American West
Nature's Metropolis
At Odds with Progress
Agenda for Reform
William Wayne Justice
Small Fortunes
The Quanah Route
Black Towns and Profit
Black Cinema Treasures
Hollywood Beauty
On His Native Heath . . . In His Natural Element A Collection of the Essays of J. Evetts Haley
Boom and Bust
Living on the Edge of America
They Made Their Own Law
Affairs of the Association
Bylaws of the Texas State Historical Association

Issue 2

Sam Houston's Speech-writers: The Grad Student, the Teenager, the Editors, and the Historians by James E. Crisp
The Development of Galveston's Hospitals during the Nineteenth Century by Chester R. Burns
Notes and Documents
The 1693 Expedition of Gregorio de Salinas Varona to Sustain the Missionaries among the Tejas Indians Edited by William C. Foster and Jack Jackson
Texas History: A Checklist of Theses and Dissertations by Marion Travis with Robert Klatte, Kristin Hopkins and Kelly McMichael Stott
Review Essay Whither Sam Houston? by Gregg Cantrell
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Trails: Toward a New Western History
Under an Open Sky
"It's Your Misfortune and None of My Own"
The End of American Exceptionalism
The Spanish Frontier in North America
The Expedition of Hernando de Soto West of the Mississippi, 1541-1543 Hernando de Soto and the Indians of Florida Looking for De Soto
Spanish Texas, 1519-1821
When Jesus Came the Corn Mothers Went Away
Mexico's Merchant Elite, 1590-1660
A Way of Work and a Way of Life
The Cowboy
Jesse Chisholm
Tribal Wars of the Southern Plains
Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief
Fort Inge
The News from Brownsville
George Scarborough
The Grey Fox: The True Story of Bill Miner, Last of the Old-Time Bandits
Bowen and Hardin
Desert Lawmen
The Regular Army on the Eve of the Civil War
Blood Brothers
Civil War Command and Strategy
Financial Failure and Confederate Defeat
Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat Vol. 1, Vol. 2
Richard Taylor
Lincoln's Loyalists
Tumult and Silence at Second Creek
Overreached on All Sides
The Freedmen's Bureau and Black Texans
Behind the Scenes with LBJ in '48
The Triumph and Tragedy of Lyndon Johnson
Southern Hunting in Black and White: Nature, History, and Ritual in a Carolina Community
Southern Women
The Wars of Peggy Hull

Issue 3

Photograph: Joe B. Frantz (1917-1993)
In Memory of Joe B. Frantz (1917-1993) by David G. McComb
The Relationship between German Immigrants and the Native Peoples in Western Texas by Karl A. Hoerig
Free Speech and the "Lost Cause" in Texas: A Study of Social Control in the New South by Fred Arthur Bailey
Sarah Devereux: A Study in Southern Femininity by Jolene Maddox Snider
New Orleans, Maritime Commerce, and the Texas War for Independence, 1836 by James M. Denham
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Gunfighter Nation
The Shaping of America
The Rise of the Gunbelt
Edgar B. Davis and Sequences in Business Capitalism
Bureaucrats, Planters, and Workers
Persistent Oligarchies
Hispanic Texas
Sacred Ground
The Texas Folklore Society 1909-1943
Portraits of the Pecos Frontier
Stray Tales of the Big Bend
Canyon Visions Caprock Canyonlands
Plains Farmer
To Reclaim a Divided West Turning on Water with a Shovel The Great Thirst:
Blades in the Sky
Lighthouses of Texas
Abner Cook
A German Organbuilder on the Texas Frontier
The Texas Rangers Freedom on the Border
Under Their Own Vine and Fig Tree
Calculating Visions
Black Dixie
The WPA Dallas Guide and History
American Populism

Issue 4

Carpetbagger Rule in Reconstruction Texas: An Enduring Myth by Randolph B. Campbell
"Our People Could Not Distinguish One Tube from Another": The 1859 Expulsion of the Reserve Indians from Texas by George Klos
The Texas Rangers Revisited: Old Themes and New Viewpoints by Harold J. Weiss Jr.
The Manuscript Club of Wichita Falls: A Noteworthy Texas Literary Club by Betty Wiesepape
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Caddo Nation
The De Soto Chronicles, Vol. I,II
Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas, Volume XVIII
Czech Voices To Reap a Bountiful Harvest Equal Before the Lens
The Culture of Oklahoma
Singing Cowboys and Musical Mountaineers
They Called It the War Effort
The World of the Mexican Worker in Texas
The Enormous Vogue of Things Mexican
The Mexican Border Cities
Hunting Lieutenant Chadbourne
Ben McCulloch and the Frontier Military Tradition
Elizabeth Bacon Custer and the Making of a Myth Archaeology, History, and Custer's Last Battle
The Lance and the Shield
Sweet Chariot
Masters and Lords
Kenneth and John B. Rayner and the Limits of Southern Dissent
The Third Texas Cavalry in the Civil War
The Paradox of Southern Progressivism, 1880-1930
Bronson M. Cutting
The New Dealers
Our Finest Hour
Fighting Words
John Henry Faulk
Elmer Kelton Country
Against the Barbarians and Other Reflections on Familiar Themes
Women and Texas History Natural Allies
Women of the Klan
Texas Guinan
Professor Mayo's College
A History of the Perkins School of Theology
The Hash Knife Brand
Battleship Texas
Affairs of the Association - Financial Report