SHQ Online Vol 096

07/1992 - 04/1993

Issue 1

Cover: Canyon, Fort Davis—I by Capt. Arthur T. Lee, Eighth U.S. Infantry, ca. 1855, Gordon and Laub, 1892
Map: Post of Fort Inge, Texas, 1868
Fort Inge and Texas Frontier Military Operations, 1849 -1869 by Thomas T. Smith
A Missed Opportunity: Texas Prison Reform during the Dan Moody Administration, 1927-1931 by Paul M. Lucko
Fort Worth and the Fraternity of Strange Women by Richard E. Selcer
Notes and Documents
Damacio Jimenez: The Lost and Found Alamo Defender by Raul Casso IV
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
An American Vision
Mapping Texas and the Gulf Coast
The West as America
Tejano Origins in Eighteenth-Century San Antonio
Chicano Education in the Era of Segregation
Poorest of Americans
Duel of Eagles
Cold Anger
Urban Texas
LBJ and the Polls
El Paso
Wilderness Preservation and the Sagebrush Rebellions
Waco's Champion
William D. Wittliff and the Encino Press
The Texas Legacy of Katherine Anne Porter
The Bounty of Texas
Bear Meat 'N' Honey
Deep in the Heart
Oleander Odyssey
Sands and Quicksands from the Red River -and North
Texas Big Rich
The History of Apparel Manufacturing in Texas, 1897 -1981
Motherhood in the Old South
God's Last and Only Hope
Arkansas Made (Volume I) Lone Stars (Volume II)
We Took The Train
Material Dreams
Hanging Sam
Carolina Cavalier
America's National Battlefield Parks
Essays on Sport History and Sport Mythology
Affairs of the Association
Proposed Bylaws of the Texas State Historical Association

Issue 2

Working Within the System: Lyndon Johnson and Tom Miller, 1937-1939 by L. Patrick Hughes
Photograph: Lyndon B. Johnson, ca. 1935-1938
Selling the Austin Dam: A Disastrous Experiment in Encouraging Growth by Edward A. Sevcik
An Avenue to the Ordinary by Thomas W. Miller
Notes and Documents
Business Travel Out of Texas During the Civil War: The Travel Diary of S.B. Brush, Pioneer Austin Merchant by Peyton O. Abbott
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Edward Burleson
The Texas Senate
Race and Class in Texas Politics
Rise of the Mexican American Middle Class
Counsel to the President
The Vital South
Joseph E. Davis, Pioneer Patriarch Jefferson Davis, The Man and His Hour
Indians, Settlers & Slaves in a Frontier Exchange Economy
Portraits of Conflict
The Papers of Frederick Law Olmsted
Fleeting Moments
A Most Singular Country
The Southern Forest
Edward Palmer's Arkansas Mounds
The Life of a Fossil Hunter The Other Side of the Medal
Crazy Water
The LH7 Ranch in Houston's Shadow Cryin' for Daylight
Fort Worth
Hell's Half Acre
Social Housekeepers
Death Comes for the Chief Justice
Gunfight at Ingalls

Issue 3

Photograph: Edward A. Clark (1906-1992)
A Tribute to Ambassador Edward A. Clark by Jon Newton
Sam Houston and the Know-Nothings: A Reappraisal by Gregg Cantrell
Reluctant Martyr: Anthony Bewley and the Texas Slave Insurrection Panic of 1860 by Donald E. Reynolds
A Comparative Examination of Federal Work Relief in Fredericksburg and Gillespie County by Michael Barr
Notes and Documents
The Texas Frontier in 1850: Dr. Ebenezer Swift and the View from Fort Martin Scott by Caleb Coker and Janet G. Humphrey
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Writing Western History
The Highly Irregular Irregulars Just One Riot
Frontier Defense in the Civil War
Embrace an Angry Wind
Soldiering in the Army of Tennessee
In Joy and In Sorrow
Mormons and Cowboys, Moonshiners and Klansmen
Warm Weather and Bad Whiskey
War Scare on the Rio Grande
The Last Conquistador
Texas and the Gulf of Mexico
New Mexico's Buffalo Soldiers, 1866 -1900
Simple Decency & Common Sense
Chicano Workers and the Politics of Fairness
Hecho En Tejas
Houston's Forgotten Heritage
Fortress California, 1910-1961
Gordon McLendon

Issue 4

Cowboys v. Rancheros: The Origins of Western American Livestock Law by Ray Acgusi
Figure: 'Cutting Out,' by Rogers for 'The Cattle Ranches of Colorado'
Eddie Durham and the Texas Contribution to Jazz History by Dave Oliphant
Wheat Growers in the Cotton Confederacy: The Suppression of Dissent in Collin. County, Texas, During the Civil War by Richard B. McCaslin
Review Article Gary Cartwright's Galveston by Will Wilson, Sr.
Notes and Documents
Dissertations and Theses Relating to African American Studies in Texas: A Selected Bibliography, 1904-1990 by Paul M. Lucko
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Texas Heritage
Texas Through Time
Texas Crossings
Through Fire and Flood
Disease, Depopulation, and Culture Change in Northwestern New Spain, 1518—1764
Indian Revolts in Northern New Spain
Coronado's Land
The Spanish American Homeland
Western Apache Heritage
Cochise: Chiricahua Apache Chief
Without Quarter
Jesse Chisholm
The Dispossession of the American Indian, 1887 -1934
Army of Manifest Destiny
Jefferson Davis's Mexican War Regiment; The Mexican War Journal of Captain Franklin Smith; Volunteers: The Mexican War Journals of Private Richard Coulter and Sergeant Thomas Barclay, Company E, Second Pennsylvania Infantry; The Mexican War Journal and Letters of Ralph W. Kirkham; The Mexican Spy Company
None Died in Vain An American Iliad
The Civil War in the American West
From Desert to Bayou
The Civil War Diary of Charles A. Leuschner
The Civil War Memoirs of Captain William J. Seymour
Destroyer of the Iron Horse
Lee Considered
A Question of Character
Lone Star Rising
In His Steps
Letters by Lamplight
Promise to the Land
I'll Gather My Geese
Affairs of the Association
Southwestern Historical Quarterly Style Guide and Information for Contributors