SHQ Online Vol 095

07/1991 - 04/1992

Issue 1

Cover: Third Ward: Bringing Light to the Ghetto by John Biggers, 1989
Photograph: Detail of a photograph of Dallas, by Frank Rogers on February 24, 1936
The New Deal in Dallas by Roger Biles
Steadfast in His Intent: John W. Hargis and the Integration of the University of Texas at Austin by Richard B. McCaslin
Desegregation of the Hamilton Park School, 1955-1975 by William H. Wilson
Notes and Documents
The American Literature Symposiums by Martin Shockley
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Rise of the Lone Star
The Lone Star
The Ambition and the Power
Santa Fe The Santa Fe Trail Revisited
Jornada del Muerto
Historical Atlas of the American West
Pecos Bill
Andrew Johnson
Without Consent or Contract
Conflict and Compromise
The Diary of Edmund Ruffin
A River Swift and Deadly
One Woman's War
Water and the Future of the Southwest
Shades of the Sunbelt
American Exodus
Other People's Money
When the Rainbow Touches Down
Georgia O'Keeffe
Gary Niblett
The Art of Tom Lea
The Cattlemen
Taking Stock
Far From Home Growing Up with the Country
Chronicle of a Small Town
Down the Corridor of Years
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Views from a Desk in Chihuahua: Manuel Merino`s Report on the Apaches and Neighboring Nations, ca. 1804 Edited by Elizabeth A.H. John
Figure: Mountain Spirit Dancer by Allan Houser, ca. 1950
The Kadohadacho Indians and the Louisiana-Texas Frontier, 1803-1815 by F. Todd Smith
Embattled Borderland: Northern Nuevo Leon and the Indios Barbaros, 1686-1870 by David B. Adams
Notes and Documents
The View from the Ojo de Agua: A Daguerrian Relic of Saltillo, Mexico, ca. 1847 by Thomas R. Kailbourn
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Columbian Consequences, Volume I
The Journey of Coronado, 1540-1542
Maps of the Santa Fe Trail
Frontier Spirit
San Antonio, Tejas, en la época colonial (1718-1821)
Manuel Alvarez, 1794-1856
The Texas Cherokees
Champions of the Cherokees
Indians of the Rio Grande Delta
Atlas of American Indian Affairs
American Indian Resource Material in the Western History Collections, University of Oklahoma
Cheyennes and Horse Soldiers
The View from Officers' Row
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Del Pueblo Ethnicity in the Sunbelt
The American Backwoods Frontier
Soldiers of Misfortune
Wanderings in the Southwest, 1855
Texan Ranch Life
The History of Texas
The Magnificent Marathon Basin
Crockett at Two Hundred
Billy the Kid
And Die in the West:
Beyond the Frontier
A Story that Stands Like a Dam
Mind and the American Civil War
Fighting for the Confederacy
Soldiers and Settlers
Modern First Ladies
Presidential Wives
Let the Good Times Roll

Issue 3

Lone Star POWs: Texas National Guardsmen and the Building of the Burma-Thailand Railroad, 1942-1944 by Ronald E. Marcello
Map: Route of the Burma-Thailand Railroad and the “A” force POW camps
The Failed Promise of Wartime Opportunity for Mexicans in the Texas Oil Industry by Emilio Zamora
Lake Brownwood and Texas Water Law by Robin A. Melvin
Notes and Documents
Remembering George Sessions Perry by Truman McMahan
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Texans in Revolt
Forget the Alamo Exploring the Alamo Legends 100 Days in Texas
Texas Divided
Monterrey is Ours!
Soldiers of the Old Army
For God, Country, and the Thrill of It
We Just Toughed It Out
Hill Country Teacher
Earl K. Long
Arkansas Democratic Politics, 1896-1920
Western Rivermen, 1763-1861
The Mythical Pueblo Rights Doctrine
Damming the Colorado
The Nature of Texas
The Mexican American Family
Race and History
Black, White, and Southern
The Urban South Essays on Sunbelt Cities and Recent Urban America
Easy Money
Staking a Claim
Friday Night Lights
The Blue Man
Houston Architectural Guide
The Eagle and The Raven
From the Land of Shadows
The Edge of the West and Other Texas Stories
Fred Gipson at Work
Benjamin Capps and the South Plains
Christmas in Texas
Texas Toys and Games
The City Beautiful Movement
Patullo Higgins and the Search for Texas Oil

Issue 4

Figure: 'Bourland and Miller Report'
Quieting Title to Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in the Trans-Nueces: The Bourland and Miller Commission, 1850-1852 by Galen D. Greaser and Jesús F. de la Teja
Emigrant Strikebreakers: Scottish Granite Cutters and the Texas Capitol Boycott by Marjory Harper
Notes and Documents>
"Those Texians Are Number One Men": A New Confederate Account of the Affair at Lee's House, Virginia by Judith N. McArthur
Privately Published Autobiographies by Texans: Their Significance for Scholars by Jane F. Healey
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas
The Texas History Companion
Katherine Anne Porter and Texas
Common Bonds
Equal to the Occasion
My Dear Mollie
The Magnificent Mountain Women So Much to Be Done Women of the New Mexico Frontier, 1846-1912
Unbroken Circle
Soldaderas in the Mexican Military
One-Room School
Subduing Satan
Town and Country
An American Vision
Cowboys of the Americas
Catlin and His Contemporaries
River of Traps
O. Henry
The Early Years of Rhythm & Blues, Focus on Houston
The Late 19th-century U.S. Army, 1865-1891
The Road to Disunion
As It Was
Westward the Texans
Cushing at Zuni
The Runge Chronicle
Little Giant
Thomas O. Larkin
World War II and the West
The American West Transformed
Affairs of the Association Financial Report