SHQ Online Vol 094

07/1990 - 04/1991

Issue 1

Cover: Portrait of Sam Houston by George Catlin, c. 1840
Sam Houston and Eliza Allen by Elizabeth Crook
The Fight Against the Pink Bollworm in Texas by Truman McMahan
Notes and Documents
The Félix Nuñez Account and the Siege of the Alamo: A Critical Appraisal Edited by Stephen L. Hardin
Frank Wardlaw: A Tribute
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Lure of the Land Cartographic Sources in the Rosenberg Library
Historical Atlas of Texas
Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography
Dictionary of Louisiana Biography
Encyclopedia of Southern Culture
Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes
Hasinai: A Traditional History of the Caddo Confederacy
Centaur of the North
The San Antonio Missions and Their System of Land Tenure
The Pueblo Indian Revolt of 1696 and the Franciscan Missions in New Mexico
Let There Be Towns
Latinos and the Political System
New Mexican Furniture, 1600-1940
Travels in Mexico and California
Through Indian Country to California
From Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains
The Saga of the Confederate Ram Arkansas
Hoover Dam
Corralling the Colorado
The Capitol Story: . By and with and
Gerald L. K. Smith
Bounty Hunter Garrett and Roosevelt
Southern Timberman
Breaking Trail
Working the Waterfront
Rough and Rowdy Ways
Watkins Reynolds Matthews
The McNeills' SR Ranch
A Bright Shining Lie
Saving Capitalism: . By
Growth in a Changing Environment
Free Enterprise City
Essays in the History of Liberty
Exhibition Reviews
The Sixth Floor:
Texas: A Beautiful, Promising Land
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Figure: Santa Anna
Politics and the Treatment of the Mexican Prisoners after the Battle of San Jacinto by Margaret Swett Henson
The Delaware and Shawnee Indians and the Republic of Texas, 1820-1845 by H. Allen Anderson
Early Anglo-American Church Architecture in Texas by Willard B. Robinson
Notes and Documents
The Thermopylae Quotation by John H. Jenkins
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Tejanos and the Numbers Game
Eyewitness to War
Limits to Friendship
Texas Forgotten Ports
Castle Gap and the Pecos Frontier
Elmer Kelton and West Texas
Range Wars
EATS: A Folk History of Texas Foods
Children of Sacred Ground
The Northern Navajo Frontier, 1860-1900
Pioneer Jewish Texans
Stolen Heritage
The Border
Review Essay: History and Post-Modern Education

Issue 3

Figure: Broadside: The Concert! On Saturday, September 28th, 1861
A "Very Muddy and Conflicting" View: The Civil War As Seen From Austin, Texas by David C. Humphrey
The Blizzard of 1886 and Its Effect on the Range Cattle Industry in the Southern Plains by David L. Wheeler
Notes and Documents
The Diary of Thomas H. DuVal: The Civil War in Austin, Texas, February 26 to October 9, 1863 Edited by James Marten
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Years of Lyndon Johnson
Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas, Volume XIV, March 18 through July 22, 1836 Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas, Volume XV, July 23, 1836 through August 9, 1837
The Béxar Archives, 1717-1836
Historians of the American Frontier
Correspondence of James K. Polk, Vol. VII, January-August, 1844
The Life and Death of the Solid South
Civil Wars
The Private Civil War
Cavalier in Buckskin
Irreconcilable Differences
The Twentieth-Century West
Ronald Reagan and the Public Lands
Eye-Deep in Hell
"The Whorehouse Bells Were Ringing"
Great Plains
British Gentlemen in the Wild West
A Long March
No Woman Tenderfoot
The Colonel's Lady on the Western Frontier
You Meet Such Interesting People
Oil Field Child
First Encounters
In Search of a Home
Apaches at War & Peace
Utmost Good Faith

Issue 4

"Escenas de Martirio": Notes on The Destruction of Mission San Sabá by Sam D. Ratcliffe
Figure: Don Pedro Romero de Terreros
Surveying the Rio Grande, 1850-1853 by Joseph Richard Werne
The Mexican Commission and Its Survey of the Rio Grande River Boundary, 1850-1854 by Harry P. Hewitt
Review Article: Robert Caw's Lyndon Johnson and the Pitfalls of Political Biography: A. Critical Evaluation of The Years of Lyndon Johnson: The Path to Power and Means of Ascent by Evan Anders
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The View from Chapultepec; So Far From God; Shamrock and Sword
The Mexican-American Border Region
Pedro de Rivera and the Military Regulations for Northern New Spain, 1724-1729 Views from the Apache Frontier
United We Win
The Preservation of the Village
Mexican Americans
A Guide to the History of Texas
Texas The History of Texas
The Methodist Hospital of Houston
Cattlemen vs. Sheepmen
Rich Grass and Sweet Water
The Great Prairie Fact and Literary Imagination
The Piano in America, 1890-1940
The Creation of Confederate Nationalism
An Empire for Slavery
Reluctant Confederates
Between the Enemy and Texas
The American West
Straight Shooting
Hattie and Huey
First Ladies of Arkansas
The Arkansas
The Murchisons
No Name on the Bullet
Intercity Bus Lines of the Southwest
Affairs of the Association Financial Report