SHQ Online Vol 093

07/1989 - 04/1990

Issue 1

Cover: Austin, Capital of Texas, Taken from the President’s Hill by William H. Sandusky, c. 1840
Thomas Watt Gregory and the Survival of His Progressive Faith by Evan Anders
In Search of Colonel Edward M. House by Charles E. Neu
The Brownsville Raid's 168th Man by Garna L. Christian
Notes and Documents
WAACs in Texas during the Second World War by Clarice F. Pollard
Review Article: "See What the Boys in the Backroom Will Have" by William H. Goetzmann
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Seed of Sally Good'n
Crafting a Southwestern Masterpiece
Artists in California 1786-1940
Time to Write
Political Education in the Southern Farmers' Alliance, 1887-1900
Nana's Raid Apache Women Warriors
Anglos and Mexicans in the Making of Texas, 1836-1986
Looking at Russell
Tolbert of Texas
Alonso de Zorita
Katherine Anne Porter
Texas Prisons The Devil's Butcher Shop
Travels to Hallowed Ground
Philip Nolan and Texas
Texas at the Crossroads
C. Vann Woodward, Southerner
Lee's Tarnished Lieutenant
Soldiers West
The Year America Discovered Texas
The Hasinais
The NAACP's Legal Strategy Against Segregated Education, 1925-1950
Exhibition Review: "Wond'rous Cures Performed": Medicine in Nineteenth-Century Texas
Affairs of the Association
Southwestern Historical Quarterly Style Guide and Information for Contributors

Issue 2

The Army and the Politics of Expansion: Texas and the Southwestern Borderlands, 1870-1886 by Robert Wooster
The County Poor Farm System in Texas by Debbie Mauldin Cottrell
Notes and Documents
Texas History Textbooks in Texas Schools by David G. McComb
Alexander Edwin Sweet and the Wild West Show by Virginia Eisenhour
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Moses Austin
Lady Bird Johnson and the Environment
The Juárez Myth in Mexico
Troublesome Border
No Separate Refuge
Border Fury
Eisenhower and Latin America
To the Inland Empire
River of Lost Dreams
Essays on the History of North American Discovery and Exploration
Gateway to Texas
Jack Longstreet
The Flavor of Ed Owen
At Home in Texas
Lost in West Texas More Tales of the Big Bend
The American West as Living Space
The Kingdom in the Country
Westward the Women
A Texas Suffragist
Brush Country Woman
On Their Own
O Freedom!
Roots and Boots
The Great Comanche Raid
The Arizona Rangers
Sentinel of the Southern Plains
The Ragged Rebel
Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas, Volume 13, January 15 through March 17, 1836
Texas in Transition

Issue 3

Photograph: Unidentified Union cavalry sergeant
"Unmanacling" Texas Reconstruction by Barry A. Crouch
"The Revolver Rules the Day!" by William L. Richter
Racial Violence and Reconstruction Politics in Texas, 1867-1868 by Gregg Cantrell
The District Judges of Texas in 1866-1867 by Randolph B. Campbell
Notes and Documents
Cynthia Ann Parker and Pease Ross by Lawrence T. Jones III
Review Article: Those Terrible Carpetbaggers by Matthew Taylor
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Confederate Carpetbaggers
Penology for Profit
A History of the American Rice Industry, 1685-1985
Texas High Sheriffs
Masters and Slaves in the House of the Lord
The New South Faces the World
Plain Folk in the New South
Social Change in the Southwest, 1350-1880
The New Deal in the Urban South
Contemporary Southern Politics
The Party of Fear
The Accommodation
Cracker Culture
The Papers of Jefferson Davis, 1856-1860, Volume 6
Lifeline of the Confederacy
Two Great Rebel Armies
The Military and United States Indian Policy, 1865-1903
Red Fox
A Creek Warrior for the Confederacy
The Road to Rebellion
The People of Sonora and Yankee Capitalists

Issue 4

Photograph: Construction work for the University of Texas’s McDonald Observatory on Mount Locke, c.1930s
Early Astronomy in Texas by David S. Evans and Donald W. Olson
"Thou Art My Last Love": The Courtship and Remarriage of a Rural Texas Couple in 1892 by Marilyn Ferris Motz
Notes and Documents
Courtship and Marriage in 1890s Texas Edited by Pat Fain
The Red River War of 1874-1875 by Robert H. Steinbach
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Livestock Legacy
The Art of the Woman
Windfall and Other Stories
The Female Frontier
Western Women
Ella Elgar Bird Dumont
Turn Your Eyes Toward Texas
Behold, Our Works Were Good
A Gathering of Saints Salamander
Social Security
Three Roads to Chihuahua
Guardian of the Law
Texas Lawyer
Pilgrim in the Sun The Laughing West
Some Strange Corners of Our Country Letters from the Southwest, September 20, 1884, to March 14, 1885
William Henry Jackson and the Transformation of the American Landscape
A Natural State
Cowtown Moderne
We're Czechs
Affairs of the Association Financial Report