SHQ Online Vol 092

07/1988 - 04/1989

Issue 1

Cover: J. Frank Dobie by Wayman Adams, 1957
Photograph: J. Frank Dobie at Joe Small’s barbecue in Wimberly, Texas
J. Frank Dobie: A Reappraisal by Don Graham
Remembering Walter Prescott Webb by Joe B. Frantz
Memories of J. Frank Dobie and Walter Prescott Webb
A Personal Reflection on J. Frank Dobie and Walter Prescott Webb by Dorman H. Winfrey
Memories of Walter P. Webb by Jim B. Pearson
Walter Prescott Webb by Sylvan Dunn
My Webbian Conversion by Jenkins Garrett
Walter Prescott Webb by Frederick W. Rathjen
Remembering Walter Prescott Webb by Lewis P. Simpson
Walter Prescott Webb by Cissy Stewart Lale
An Eighty-three-Year-Old Student's Tribute to Professor Walter Prescott Webb by Jim Coltharp
The Excitement of Dr. Webb by Eileen Guarino
Walter Prescott Webb by William P. Hobby
Professor Webb Visits Ozona, October, 1939 by W. Eugene Hollon
Walter Prescott Webb Reminiscence by Emmie Craddock
W. P. Webb by W.P. Webb
The "HBT" by J. S. Spratt
Walter Prescott Webb as Mentor by Betty Brooke Dobkins
Walter Prescott Webb by Winifred Vigness
Dobie and Webb by Abigail Curlee Holbrook
Reminiscences of a Student by Margaret C. Berry
Dobie/Webb Reminiscences by E. V. Niemeyer, Jr.
The Warmth of J. Frank Dobie by Lawrence Clark Powell
A Bookman Remembers J. F. D. by Al Lowman
J. Frank Dobie by C. L. Sonnichsen
An Encounter in Cambridge by William B. Hilgers
J. Frank Dobie by Jane King Fohn
J. Frank Dobie and Bee County by Grace Bauer
Dinner with Dobie by Truman McMahan
In Between Boards by John H. Jenkins
Gallant Pancho by Jon D. Swartz
J. Frank Dobie by Richard M. Morehead
"Whoopee Ti Yi" with J. Frank Dobie by Elithe Hamilton Kirkland
J. Frank Dobie, Teacher and Friend by James W. Winfrey
Memories of an Influential Meeting on Waller Creek by Meri Jaye
The J. Frank Dobie I Knew by Jack Maguire
Doing Illustrations for J. Frank Dobie by Malcolm D. McLean
An Afternoon with J. Frank Dobie by Robert E. Davis
Frank Dobie Remembered by A.C. Greene
Notes and Documents
A Letter from Friedrich Schenck in Texas to His Mother in Germany, 1847 Translated by H.T. Edward Hertzberg
Exhibition Review: "As a Twig Is Bent": Childhood in Texas, 1800—1900.* Exhibition at The Star of the Republic Museum (administered by Blinn College)
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
New Lands, New Men
Indian Life in Texas
La Salle, the Mississippi, and the Gulf
The Mapping of the American Southwest
Cadillac Desert
The Folklore of Spain in the American Southwest
American Log Buildings
Oklahoma Populism
History of Marfa and Presidio County, Volumes I and II
Populism in the Mountain West
The Indians of Texas
Big and Bright
Class and Tennessee's Confederate Generation
Commitment to Excellence
Blessed Assurance
Rebellion and Realignment
Henry Hopkins Sibley Mexican Texans in the Union Army
Ringing the Children In
Itinerant Photographer
The Desert Is No Lady
A Literary History of the American West
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Pride of Texas: The State Capitol by Willard B. Robinson
"A Question of Great Delicacy": The Texas Capitol Competition, 1881 by William Elton Green
The Designing Architect: Elijah E. Myers by Paul Goeldner
"The Hardy, Stalwart Son of Texas": Art and Mythology at the Capitol by Emily Fourmy Cutrer
Furnishing the Texas State Capitol by Bonnie Ann Campbell
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Big Bend on the Rio Grande
Cows, Cowboys, Canners, and Corned Beef and Cabbage
The Texas Longhorn The Texas Cowboy
Soldiers, Sutlers, and Settlers
The Army in Texas during Reconstruction, 1865-1870
Murder on the Santa Fe Trail
The Confederate Image
Ghosts of the Confederacy
The Texas League
The Mexican Republic
Fordson, Farmall, and Poppin' Johnny
The Johnson Years, Volume Two
Railroads and Revolutions
Exhibition Review: "Korea: America's First Limited War"

Issue 3

Public Education and Texas Reconstruction Politics, 1871-1874 by Carl H. Moneyhon
Another Look at an Eighteenth-Century Archaeological Site in Wood County, Texas by Timothy K. Perttula and Bob D. Skiles
Notes and Documents
1834 Census—-Anahuac Precinct, Atascosito District by Jean L. Epperson
Wilderness Apollo by Winston De Ville and Jack Jackson
Of Birds and Texas: A Review Essay by Scott Gentling
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Texas Experience
White House Operations
The North American Sketches of R. B. Cunninghame Graham
Oil and Honor
Texas Fahrten (Travels in Texas). By . Translation, introduction, and notes by
"Facts As I Remember Them"
Portraits of Conflict
Spanish Sea
Ancient Texans
Georgetown's Yesteryears, Volumes 1-2 Georgetown's Yesteryears, Volumes 3-4
Roughnecks, Drillers and Tool Pushers
Jessie Benton Fremont
High Noon in Lincoln Merchants, Guns, and Money
Railroads and Revolutions

Issue 4

"Underground Patriots": Thurber Coal Miners and the Struggle for Industrial Freedom, 1888-1903 by Marilyn D. Rhinehart
Was There a Mier Expedition Flag? by Joseph Milton Nange
Joining the American Mainstream: Texas's Mexican Americans during World War I by Carole E. Christian
The Doubleday Myth and Texas Baseball by John M. Carroll
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Elusive Eden
Cannery Women, Cannery Lives
Planters and Plain Folk
The Law of the Land
Power, Money and the People
Hispanic Arizona, 1536-1856
Invisible Houston
Border Radio: Quacks, Yodelers, Pitchmen, Psychics, and Other Amazing Broadcasters of the American Airwaves
The Southwestern Division
Port Hudson
Confederate Imprints
Affairs of the Association Financial Report