SHQ Online Vol 090

07/1986 - 04/1987

Issue 1

Cover: Texas Confederate Unit Flag
Tory Sentiment in Anglo-Texan Public Opinion, 1832 —1836 by Margaret Swett Henson
"Tryels and Trubbles": Women in Early Nineteenth-Century Texas by Fane Downs
Images of the Past: Imprints from the Republic of Texas by Katherine J. Adams and George B. Ward
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Southern Progressivism
Journal of an Indian Trader
Karl Bodmer's America
The American West Transformed
Warning: Writer at Work
Bones for Barnum Brown
Colonel Tommy Tompkins
Reflections and Observations
Quadrangle: The History of Fort Sam Houston
Maps of Texas and the Southwest, 1513 — 1900
Rebels on the Rio Grande
The Great Father
Cotton Crisis

Issue 2

John P. Osterhout, Yankee, Rebel, Republican by Randy J. Sparks
The Wellsprings of a Populist: Dr. C. W. Macune Before 1886 by Charles W. Macune, Jr.
Personal Diplomacy: Lyndon B. Johnson and Mexico, 1963-1968 by E. V. Niemeyer, Jr.
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Forgotten Battlefield of the First Texas Revolution
Turning Points in El Paso, Texas
Austin: An Illustrated History
War, Revolution and the Ku Klux Klan
The Uncensored John Henry Faulk
The Mexican-American Experience
The English Texans
Restoring Texas
Ballot Box 13
Firearms of the American West, 1803-1865 Firearms of the American West, 1866-1894
"Let the Eagle Soar!"
Colt: An American Legend
Papers Concerning Robertsons Colony in Texas, Volume XII, October 15, 1835, through January 14, 1836
The Rise of the Urban South
The "Spider Web"
Owen Wister, Chronicler of the West, Gentleman of the East. By Darwin Payne.

Issue 3

Texas as Viewed from Mexico, 1820—1834 by Nettie Lee Benson
Notes and Documents
A Short History of the General Land Office Seals by Jesús F. de la Teja
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Letters of Roy Bedichek
Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas, Introductory Volume
Adobe Walls: The History and Archeology of the 1874 Trading Post
Pidge: A Texas Ranger from Virginia
Alamo Images
Zachary Taylor
Phil Sheridan and His Army
New Mexico Women
Lyndon Johnson's Dual War
At Home on the Range Working the Range
Remembering Who We Are
Coping with Abundance

Issue 4

Cover: Scops mccallii [now Otus asio mcecalli] (Texas screech owl), 1859
Partisan Politics and the Mexican Boundary Survey, 1848—1853 by Joseph Richard Werne
Angora Goats in Texas: Agricultural Innovation on the Edwards Plateau, 1858-1900 by Douglas E. Barnett
Sam Rayburn: Achieving Party Leadership by Anthony Champagne
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Basic Texas Books
Folk Art in Texas
Prime Cut: Livestock Raising and Meatpacking in the United States, 1607-1983
Davy Crockett
Little Crow: Spokesman for the Sioux
Hill County (Texas) Trilogy
Memoirs for the History of the War in Texas
Magnificent Voyagers
President Johnson's War on Poverty
Thurber, Texas
Curtain Call: The History of the Theatre in Austin, Texas 1839-1905
Rivers of Empire
In the Deep Heart's Core
The Chief: Ernest Thompson Seton and the Changing West
Spirit of Vengeance
Why the South Lost the Civil War
Los Mesteños
Crossing the Border with the Fourth Cavalry
The Governor's Mansion of Texas
Affairs of the Association