SHQ Online Vol 089

07/1985 - 04/1986

Issue 1

Cover: Flag of the Guerrero Battalion
Photograph: Fred Holmsley Moore (1909-1985)
In Memoriam: Fred Holmsley Moore
The Sesquicentennial of Texas by James W. Pohl
Bexar: Profile of a Tejano Community, 1820-1832 by Jesús de la Teja and John Wheat
Remembering the Alamo: The Story of the Texas Revolution in Popular Culture by Don Graham
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Imagining Dallas Dallas, USA
The Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company
We Can Fly
Panhandle-Plains Historical Review, 1983
Robert E. Lee
Cotton: The Plant that Would be King
Voices from the Oil Fields
Vengeance and Justice
The Lost Land
Dude Ranching
Chinese in the Post-Civil War South
Of America East and West
Land of Bears and Honey
Papers Concerning Robertson s Colony in Texas, Volume XI
Texas Cowboys
Ima Hogg, the Governor's Daughter
Directors Report

Issue 2

Cover: The San Jacinto Flag
Annexation or Independence: The Texas Issue in American Politics, 1836-1845 by John H. Schroeder
James Hamilton, Jr., vs. Sam Houston: Repercussions of the Nullification Controversy by Marilyn McAdams Sibley
Slavery and the Texas Revolution by Paul D. Lack
Notes and Documents
A Poem by Rebecca Margrett Stapp Stukes
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Wings over the Mexican Border
Riders across the Centuries
Unlikely Warriors
Parnassus on the Mississippi
The Second Texas Infantry From Corsicana to Appomattox
In the Line of Duty
The Art and Life of W. Herbert Dunton, 1878—1936
Nature's Forms/Nature's Forces
Texas: A Geography
The Reel West
The West Wind Blows
The Explorer's Texas
Secession and the Union in Texas
The Texas Governor's Mansion

Issue 3

Stephen Austin's Legalistic Concerns by Joseph W. McKnight
The Military History of the Texas Revolution by James W. Pohl and Stephen L. Hardin
The Texas Question in Mexican Politics, 1836-1845 by Josefina Zoraida Vazquez
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Colonel House and Sir Edward Grey
Daughters of Joy, Sisters of Misery
Red Scare!
Views and Viewmakers of Urban America
Der texanische Unabhängigkeitskrieg, 1835/6
The Confederate Governors
The Amazing Armadillo
The Ethnic Groups of Houston
Texas and the Mexican Revolution
Richard H. Kern
Sharps Rifles and Spanish Mules
The Texas-Mexican Conjunto
Memoirs of a Texas Pioneer Grandmother (Was Grossmutter Erzaehlt), 1805- 1915 Texas Tears and Texas Sunshine
Affairs of the Association Financial Report

Issue 4

Cover: Flag of the United States of America, 1846
A Century and a Half of Ethnic Change in Texas, 1836-1986 by Terry G. Jordan
Settlement and Environmental Change in Texas, 1820—1900 by Robin W. Doughty
Life at the Edge: Urban and Industrial Evolution of Texas, Frontier Wilderness -- Frontier Space, 1836-1986 by Christopher S. Davies
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Kit Carson
La Familia
Private Black Colleges in Texas, 1865-1954
A Field Guide to American Windmills
Castro's Colony
San Angeleños
Indians, Cattle, Ships, and Oil
American Rodeo
Affairs of the Association