SHQ Online Vol 088

07/1984 - 04/1985

Issue 1

Cover: Buffalo Hunters from Ft. Griffin ‘Making a Stand’ near the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River in 1878 painted by Ben Carlton Mead, 1983
The Ecology of the Red River in 1806: Peter Custis and Early Southwestern Natural History by Dan L. Flores
Sea Turtles in Texas: A Forgotten Commerce by Robin W. Doughty
Notes and Documents
The End of Slavery in Texas by Randolph B. Campbell
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Liberty and Slavery
Black Southerners, 1619-1869
When Dallas Became a City
The South Returns to Congress
Chester W. Nimitz
Sul Ross
Correspondence of James K. Polk, Vol. VI, 1842—1843
East Los Angeles
Forging New Rights in Western Waters
Traces of Texas History
The Selected Essays of T. Harry Williams
France and England in North America
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Cover: Abraham Lincoln. Painted by William T. Matthews” before “President Lincoln’s Overture to Sam Houston
President Lincoln's Overture to Sam Houston by Howard C. Westwood
"Private and Amateur Hangings" by Vicki Betts
Notes and Documents
Texas as Seen by Governor Winthuysen, 1741-1744 Edited and Translated by Russell M. Magnagh
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
A Southern Community in Crisis
Texas Weather
Historians and the American West
Pecos to Rio Grande
Westering Man
Instruction für deutsche Auswanderer nach Texas
A Borderlands Town in Transition
The Warrior and the Priest
Texans, Politics and the New Deal
The Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson
City Building in the New South
Wildlife and Man in Texas
1830 Citizens of Texas
Fragments of the Mexican Revolution
The Depression in Texas

Issue 3

Colonel Eduard Harkort: A German Soldier of Fortune in Mexico and Texas, 1832-1836 by Louis E. Brister
Notes and Documents
The Austin-Leaming Correspondence, 1828-1836 by Edited by Andreas Reichstein
A University Reminiscence, 1928-1946 by Carl C. Wright
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Texas Literary Tradition
Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas
The World of Colonel John W. Thomason, USMC
Mutual Aid for Survival
Cowboys and Cadillacs
Mexican-U.S. Relations
They Called Them Greasers
Dixie Dateline
Women of the Depression
The Forty-Acre Follies
The Politics of San Antonio
Sunbelt Cities
Hermann Lungkwitz
Growing Old at Willie Nelson's Picnic and Other Sketches of Life in the Southwest
Five Tragic Hours
Texas Texas
My Land Is the Southwest
Edward F. Beale and the American West
Affairs of the Association

Issue 4

Illuminating the Lesser Lights: Notes on the Life of Albert Clinton Horton by Matthew Ellenberger
Slavery without Cotton by Cecil Harper, Jr.
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Hood, Bonnet, and Little Brown Jug: Texas Politics, 1921—1928
Congressman Sam Rayburn
The Indian Frontier of the American West, 1846-1890
Jefferson and Southwest Exploration
Forts and Supplies
Civil War Recollections of James Lemuel Clark
Water in the Hispanic Southwest
The Land before Her
The New Deal and the West
Capitalists, Caciques, and Revolution
The Methodist Excitement in Texas
The Last Campfire
The Road to Redemption But There Was No Peace
The Matamoros Trade
Mr. Claude
Willie, a Girl from a Town Called Dallas