SHQ Online Vol 087

07/1983 - 04/1984

Issue 1

Cover: The Plaza and Church of El Paso by Augustus de Vaudricourt
American El Paso: The Formative Years, 1848-1854 by W.H. Timmons
Galveston's Jack Johnson: Flourishing in the Dark by Randy Roberts
Notes and Documents
Robert Caro and George Reedy on Lyndon Johnson by Lewis L. Gould
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Westering Women and the Frontier Experience, 1800-1915
Oil Booms
Interwoven Lambshead Before Interwoven
The Quarter Running Horse
Ashbel Smith of Texas
The Texas Connection with the American Revolution
Tried as by Fire
Juan Davis Bradburn
Acadian General Terrell's Texas Cavalry
Texas' Last Frontier
Six Months from Tennessee
Springs of Texas, Vol. I
Remington and Russell
The Deep Waters of the Proud
A Band of Prophets
Social Justice and Church Authority
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Photograph: A West Side shack in the 1930s
Alazan-Apache Courts: A New Deal Response to Mexican American Housing Conditions in San Antonio by Donald L. Zelman
Texas and the Riddle of Secession by Walter L. Buenger
Notes and Documents
"I Am Tired Writeing": A Georgia Farmer Reports on Texas in 1871 Edited by William Warren Rogers
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Contours of Discovery
Trails to Texas
Boss Rule in South Texas
Exploring the Johnson Years
The Thomas Jewett Goree Letters. Volume I
Equal Justice Under Law
Origins of the Mexican War
Oil in West Texas and New Mexico
Borderlands Sourcebook
From Token to Triumph
Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas
Southern Honor
Belle Starr and Her Times
Reflections of Southern Jewry
Slavery and Freedom
The Politician
The West as Romantic Horizon
Three Dollars per Mile Texas Was His Land
Oklahoma Memories

Issue 3

Take Pity on Our Glory: Men of Champ d'Asile by Kent Gardien
Peyote Trade in South Texas by George R. Morgan and Omer C. Stewart
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Alfred Jacob Miller
Cowboy Life on the Texas Plains
The American Space
Tell Me a Story, Sing Me a Song....
Ordeal by Fire
John Bell Hood and the War for Southern Independence
Journey to Pleasant Hill
Republicanism in Reconstruction Texas
Region, Race, and Reconstruction
Essays on American Antebellum Politics, 1840-1860
Cowgirls Women of the West
Juneteenth at Comanche Crossing
Life on Waller Creek
The Aggies and the 'Horns
A History of Rice University
Affairs of the Association Financial Report

Issue 4

The Britain Incident, 1769-1770: Anglo-Hispanic Tensions in the Western Gulf by Carl A. Brasseaux and Richard L. Chandler
Women and Utopia: The Woman's Commonwealth of Belton by Jayme A. Sokolow and Mary Ann Lamanna
Notes and Documents
The House Sam Houston Never Built by William Seale
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Lone Stars and State Gazettes
Inventing Billy the Kid
The Ruling Race
Booker T. Washington
Oklahoma Politics Oklahoma
Sawdust Empire
Papa Jack
Southwestern Agriculture
The California Column in New Mexico
Printer in Three Republics
Texas Railroads
Lone Star and Double Eagle
The Common Landscape of America, 1580-1845
Fifty Years in Texas Politics Richard Morehead's Texas
Texas Shrimpers