SHQ Online Vol 086

07/1982 - 04/1983

Issue 1

Cover: David Crockett painted by William Henry Huddle
The First Big Mill: The Beginnings of Commercial Lumbering in Texas by Robert S. Maxwell
Notes and Documents
Anglo-Texan Spirituals by William A. Owens
A Woman's View of the Texas Frontier, 1874: The Diary of Emily K. Andrews Edited and annotated by Sandra L. Myres
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Land of Savagery, Land of Promise
Time of Hope, Time of Despair
Charles A. Siringo
From a Limestone Ledge Landscapes of Texas
Republicans, Negroes, and Progressives in the South, 1912-1916.
The Irish Texans The Forgotten Colony
Richmond Redeemed
White Supremacy
An Imperfect Union
Apaches: A History and Culture Portrait
The Chisholm Trail
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

The University's Centennial: A Commemoration by L. Tuffly Ellis
To Establish a University of the First Class by Roger A. Griffin
Law at Texas: The Roberts-Gould Era (1883-1893) by Hans W. Baade
"A Work Peculiarly Our Own": Origins of the Barker Texas History Center, 1883-1950 by Don E. Carleton and Katherine J. Adams
The University of Texas Extension Services and Progressivism by Larry D. Hill and Robert A. Calvert
The University Becomes Politicized: The War with Jim Ferguson, 1915-1918 by Lewis L. Gould
Oil and the Permanent University Fund: The Early Years by David F. Prindle
The Bible Decade and the Origin of National Athletic Prominence by James W. Pohl
Blacks Challenge the White University by Michael L. Gillette
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
I Say Me for a Parable
The New Urban America
Mexicano Resistance in the Southwest
The Compassionate Samaritan
The Mexican-American War
On the Border

Issue 3

Protection of the Family Home from Seizure by Creditors: The Sources. and Evolution of a Legal Principle by Joseph W. McKnight
Notes and Documents
Journey to Mexico During the Years 1826 to 1834 by T.N. Campbell
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Mexican Frontier, 1821—1846
Petroleum Politics and the Texas Railroad Commission
Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas, Volume VIII.
Garbage in the Cities
Mary Chesnut's Civil War Mary Boykin Chesnut
The Ambidextrous Historian:
Race and Manifest Destiny
Texas Folk Art
The Papers of Jefferson Davis, Vol. 3, July, 1846-December, 1848
The Commissioners of Indian Affairs, 1824-1977
The Old Home Place
The Miracle of the Killer Bees Texas Statehouse Blues
Texas Rich: The Hunt Dynasty from the Early Oil Days Through the Silver Crash
Disorder and Progress
The Waters of the Brazos
The Modern Cowboy
Affairs of the Association

Issue 4

Prostitution and Public Policy in Austin, Texas, 1870-1915 by David C. Humphrey
The "Waco Horror": The Lynching of Jesse Washington by James M. SoRelle
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Texas Graveyards
Centennial History of the Texas Bar, 1882-1982
Black Leaders
The Rainmakers
Mother Angelique Ayres, Dreamer and Builder of Our Lady of the Lake University.
H. W. Caylor, Frontier Artist
McLennan County—Before 1980
Revoltosos Alvaro Obregón
Mexican Immigration to the United States, 1897-1931
The Tejano Community, 1836-1900
Dictionary of Mexican American History
Dallas Rediscovered
Women in Texas
The Red River in Southwestern History
The Lady Cannoneer Pioneer Women of Abilene
Legendary Ladies of Texas
The Unpretentious Pose
Fort Bliss