SHQ Online Vol 084

07/1980 - 04/1981

Issue 1

Cover: Psittacus viridus or Psittacus chrysocephalus from the Jean Louis Berlandier Papers, Smithsonian Archives, Record Unit 7052, Box 12.
Jean Louis Berlandier
The El Paso Area in the Mexican Period, 1821-1848 by W. H. Timmons
"Interurbans Are the Wave of the Future": Electric Railway Promotion in Texas by H. Roger Grant
Notes and Documents
The Plantation Journal of John B. Webster, February 17,1858-November 5,1859 Edited by Max S. Lale and Randolph B. Campbell
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
New Spain's Far Northern Frontier
The Apaches
The Story of Palo Duro Canyon
The Great Plains
Revolt Against Chivalry
Chariots for Apollo The Partnership
A Pictorial History of the World War I Years
Crossroad of Empire
Queen of the Missions
California Catholicity
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Urban Development, Economic Growth, and Personal Liberty: The Rhetoric of the Houston Anti-Zoning Movements, 1947-1962 by Barry J. Kaplan
Wildlife Conservation in Late Nineteenth-Century Texas by Robin W. Doughty
Notes and Documents
Mirabeau B. Lamar's Texas Journal Edited by Nancy Boothe Parker
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Bonanza Kings
The National Archives
The South and the Politics of Slavery, 1828-1856
The Bold and Magnificent Dream
The Bull Moose Years
The Road to California
Southern Women in the Recent Educational Movement in the South
The Development of State-Chartered Banking in Texas
The Cypress and Other Writings of a German Pioneer in Texas
From Brown to Bakke: The Supreme Court and School Integration
The Idea of the American South: 1920-1941
Cry Comanche
The Long Road North
Chicanos in a Changing Society Race and Class in the Southwest

Issue 3

Boss Rule and Constituent Interests: South Texas Politics during the Progressive Era by Evan Anders
The Texas Railroad Commission and the Elimination of the Flaring of Natural Gas, 1930-1949 by David F. Prindle
Notes and Documents
Mirabeau B. Lamar's Texas Journal Edited by Nancy Boothe Parker
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Dust Bowl
The Golden Door
Old Texas Trails
Alcohol, Reform and Society
"On This Day of New Beginnings"
There Ain't No Such Animal and Other East Texas Tales
The Cowboy Hero
Repealing National Prohibition
The Alcoholic Republic
Cities of the American West
Hard-Rock Miners
Retreat From Reconstruction, 1869-1879
San Antonio Legacy
Fort Gibson
Affairs of the Association

Issue 4

"Rarin' for a Fight": Texans in the Confederate Army by Ralph A. Wooster and Robert Wooster
Notes and Documents
A Texan in London: A British Editor Lunches with Colonel Edward M. House, February 15, 1916 Edited by Lewis I. Gould
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Architecture of John F. Staub
Redneck Mothers, Good Ol' Girls and Other Southern Belles
Marxists and Utopias in Texas
Comparative Frontiers
Posada's Mexico
John Taylor Wood
Slavery Remembered: A Record of Twentieth-Century Slave Narratives
Black Victory
Mules, Mines and Me in Mexico, 1895-1932
Rural Oklahoma
Slavery and the Evolution of Cherokee Society, 1540-1866
Captain M. T. Gonzaullas
Thomas Moran
Temple Houston
Mexican Masks
Notes Illustrating the Military Geography of the United States, 1813-1880
The Southern Common People