SHQ Online Vol 083

07/1979 - 04/1980

Issue 1

Cover: "Terry and the Rangers" by Bruce Marshall. Courtesy of the artist and of Association members Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Wilson.
With the Confederate Cavalry in the West: The Civil War Experiences of Isaac Dunbar Affleck by Ralph A. Wooster
Texas Baptist Leadership, the Social Gospel, and Race, 1954-1968 by John W. Storey
Notes and Documents
Civil War Letters of George W. Allen Edited by Charleen Plumly Pollard
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Mier Expedition Diary
Herbert Eugene Bolton
Vols. II, III Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas
German Artist on the Texas Frontier
American Buildings and Their Architects
The Regulated Emigration of the German Proletariat with Special Reference to Texas
The Roots of Black Poverty
Grass-roots Socialism
After Secession
Abraham Lincoln and Reconstruction
San Antonio Was: Seen Through a Magic Lantern
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Railroads, Radicals, and the Militia Bill: A New Interpretation of the Quorum-Breaking Incident of 1870 by John M. Brockman
Colonial Ranch Architecture in the Spanish-Mexican Tradition by Willard B. Robinson
Notes and Documents
From Missouri to Texas in 1845: Martin Austin Gauldin's Journal Edited by Jackie McElhaney
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Juárez and Diaz The Porfirian Interregnum
The Chícanos as We See Ourselves
Border Patrol: With the U.S. Immigration Service on the Mexican Boundary 1910-1954
The Black Towns
The First Polish Americans: Silesian Settlements in Texas
The Germanic People in America
The Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower
Ben K. Green
The World, the Work and the West of W. H. D. Koerner
Fortunes Are for the Few
Fragile Empires
A Companion to California

Issue 3

Hidden Sources of Black History: The Texas Freedmen's Bureau Records as a Case Study by Barry A. Crouch
"The Roses So Red and The Lilies So Fair": Southern Folk Cemeteries in Texas by Terry G. Jordan
Notes and Documents
Diary of Pedro Jose de la Fuente: Captain of the Presidio of El Paso del Norte, August-December 1765 Translated and Edited by James M. Daniel
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The French Experience in Mexico, 1821-1861
The Frontier: Comparative Studies
American Odyssey
Rivers, Rockets and Readiness
Wild Flowers of the Big Thicket, East Texas, and Western Louisiana
Men of the Saddle
Encyclopedia of Western Gun fighters
More Burs Under the Saddle
From the High Plains
O. P. McMains and the Maxwell Land Grant Conflict
The Establishment in Texas Politics
Affairs of the Association

Issue 4

The 1911 Reyes Conspiracy: The Texas Side by Charles H. Harris III and Louis R. Sadler
Choctaws West of the Mississippi by Lawrence and Lucia B. Kinnaird
Notes and Documents
The Law Department at Old Austin College by Jack W. Humphries
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Dust Bowl: The Southern Plains in the 1930's
The Nautical Archaeology of Padre Island
Pueblo, Hardscrabble, Greenhorn
Southern Writers
Zuñi: Selected Writings of Frank Hamilton Cushing
Mexican Workers in the United States
Listen Chicano! Mexican Americans in a Dallas Barrio. By Shirley Achor.
Spanish and Mexican Records of the American Southwest
Smith County, Texas, in the Civil War; Texas in the Confederacy; The Confederate Army of New Mexico; Hood's Texas Brigade
Knights of Columbus in Texas
The Women's Club of El Paso
Affairs of the Association
Financial Report